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KHYTEMlarge.jpg (17900 bytes)

Mikhyel dunMheric and Temorri, from Dance of the Rings

If the image looks familiar, but different, don't run to the optometrist.
This picture is a composite, the result of one of my experiments in
Paint Shop Pro,
the world's best (in my opinion) graphics program.

KhynNik.jpg (67484 bytes)

It started as the illo for The Missing Page 320


dancer1a.jpg (3149 bytes) dancer2.jpg (3079 bytes)
I took a sketch of Tem, mirrored & rotated it, then superimposed over Nikki. I then colored the whole thing, made my new page header... dancer3.jpg (3059 bytes)

...And totally lost the original file.  All I had left was a thumnail-sized image.  So...Back to PSP where I increased the pixel density on my tiny image, did some mucking around with filters and the good old smudge-brush, and created the fairly reasonable facimile of the original composite shown above. 

The coloring was all done on the computer using the clone brush and one of my other pictures that I'd scanned in.  I only had a logitech marble trackball at the time, so there's not even an art pen in the mix.   All with one of the simplest to operate and undoubtedly the least expensive high-powered paint programs out there:

create.gif (4931 bytes)

I love my computer....


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