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Saturday, November 18, 2006
Nothing very "flashy" here at the moment.

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"The Cherryh Legacy"

This is a non-fiction piece I wrote about my all-time favorite author. It was, without question, the hardest piece I've ever written. It appears in the anthology The Cherryh Odyssey edited by Edward Carmien. I finished the piece about a year ago (March 2004) and the book came out last fall.

Follow this link for background and excerpts.

I really really really don't want to jinx this project, but I'm hoping to have exciting news to announce here very soon.

Short Story(ies) for Thieves' World


Co-written with CJ Cherryh

Yes, indeed, CJ and I have joined the ranks of Thieves, and had a ball doing it. Carolyn had sworn off shared worlds, but never say never...

We actually had talked about accepting Lynn's invitation a couple of years ago, but the timing just didn't work out. Lynn caught us  with another invite just as we began to break out of that mystical year of mourning brain freeze. We looked at the specs for the upcoming volume, Carolyn saw the word SHIPWRECK, thought PIRATE and was off like the proverbial skyrocket.  Me, I got the kid and old man we'd talked about before.

Oh, and the amnesiac wizard who just happens to be the #1 target for the Pirate's Cutlass.

This book will be out some time next year. Please check the above link for details. And while you're at it, check out the rest of Lynn Abbey's  page.

It's a mystery....Yes, I'm working on something totally new, but for's a mystery.....

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Rings Of Change:
The short version: Rings of Change has become a trilogy.
Part one: Alizant: is finished and at DAW
Part Two: Ardiin
Part Three: Jeremin

My newest obsession has a face. CJC and I are the webmasters for our skating club's website. Yes, I admit, notorious as I am for not updating my own site, I've taken on this project. It's still pretty raw, but we're getting there. I've actually done some art for the club, too!



Other than a modem trying to die on me, nothing much to report on the computer front. I reserve comment on WinXP, pro or otherwise.


I finally had a chance to visit my brother, Ted, and his lovely extended family in SanFrancisco. I've been trying to work this visit into the schedule for two years, now, and every time, something got in the way. My niece and nephew, however, made it imperative when both sprouted new branches on the family tree! Kim and Tim had Mr Ryan in late August and not to be outdone, Jeff and Marcia presented the family with Mr Christopher just after Christmas. Since my current project (Rings of Change) deals directly with small persons of just this age range, I had to get down to do a little research before they got too old!

Kim's Pix

Kimberly is one heck of an artist...far more accomplished than her Auntie Jane. She has a touch with color that makes landscapes live and breathe. I'm very proud of her. Follow the link to her website. Then there's Jeff, my quiet little engineering nephew, who has blossomed into a song and dance man. His smile can blind a camera in the upper balcony. 

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Science Fiction Conventions are the only thing better than the Internet when it comes to meeting new friends.





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1/17/00: Due to reports I was getting that Ring of Intrigue was hard to find, I contacted DAW and the story on Intrigue's availability is: When Destiny came out in December, the sales of the first two took off.  DAW, expecting this surge had ordered reprint runs, but the reprint of Intrigue was unexpectedly delayed.  The good news is, the print run is in progress even as I write this and the books should be ready for shipping 1/20/00.  So rest assured, the books are on their way!

1/25/00 UPDATE: Amazon is still showing a delay in shipping Intrigue.  This is because the books were shipped to the warehouse from the printer's on 1/20/00.  ::Heavy sigh::   I've had my friends at DAW pursuing this, and with fingers crossed they say the Penguin-Putnum computers should now show it as in stock and ready for immediate shipment. 

2/13/00 UPDATE: I finally received the copies I ordered of Ring of Intrigue, and it is indeed the second printing!  Thanks to all of you out there who have bought ... er ... brought us to that point.  It now has pretty blue lettering rather than gold foil.  Next goal: third printing!

Back to Intrigue ordering link

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Ring of Destiny, third in the Dance of the Rings series from DAW Books, Inc. arrived in bookstores on 12/13/99. 
Sample Excerpts

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If you've already read it and would really like to help:
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dakids.jpg (28377 bytes) Years ago, I did a slide show at conventions on the making of the Gate of Ivrel graphic novel.  It appears here in all its ... well fun and games if not glory.


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