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Fourth Floor: The Doctor of Who

Welcome to the first floor featuring images of Real People. (Oooo...Ahhhh...)
For the most part, I avoid the temptation to draw celebrities. For one thing, very few faces really "speak" to me in a way that makes me want to draw them. For another...I feel it's an area fraught with grey.
A celebrity's face is his or her own property. Their careers live or die off how that face is represented. If anybody's going to make money off that face, it seems to me they deserve a cut.  

Tom Baker as Dr Who

I went through a brief period where, yes, I made and sold a handful of prints. But it never felt right and I soon gave it up. The one exception I've made recently has been of this image. When I was GoH at a local con, I made one print for the art show, along with prints of a handful of prints of my other work, mainly to add scope to the display.
The original was my first attempt at the "oil glazes over acrylic underpainting" technique. I think I made one or two more attempts at this method and decided that was just more paint around the house than I needed.


Tom Baker, Dr#4

 Over the years, I've occassionally been bitten by that nasty little "gotta draw that face" bug. When this happens, I have to get every picture I can of the individual in question and draw it from every angle and (more importantly) every expression I can find. Suffice to say, it's not the guys with poker faces that trigger this insane response.
Tom Baker was one of the worse cases I ever had. I was at one of those rocky places most creative people hit periodically, and that grin of his jump-started my pencil...big time


Jon Pertwee, Dr#3

In the way of things, once I'd drawn Dr Tom, everyone I knew  was asking me to try drawing their particular favorite Dr Who.I tried a few and rather enjoyed the process...

Peter Davison, Dr#5

...but none gave the me the same artistic buzz drawing of Dr Tom. On the other hand, by the time I started drawing the others, whatever artistic need had been driving me had been satiatied. I didn't draw Dr Tom much after that, either.

Patric Troughton, Dr#2


Mask of Mandragora illustration

For a brief time I even flirted with the fanzine market. One lady in particular,  known online as Daisy Brambletoes saw my work...I don't remember how...and asked me to do some illos for her stories. One in particular was a fabulous challenge as it had both Tom Baker in his later years and the Doctor, in his unaging glory, in the same story.

Daisy's own wonderful charicatures also inspired me to try a few cartoon-style images of my own. The one on the right is a particular favorite


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