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Figure Skating 

Photo taken March 2005
 by CJ Cherryh
at Mariner's Spring Training
Phoenix, AZ.

Welcome to my worlds.

For those of you just happening by, I'm an author in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genre. I've also been known to pick up a pencil or paintbrush and do a bit of  doodling.  My interests are varied, from horses to computers, History to Quantum Physics, with a recently acquired passion for figure skating.  So far, only a few of these topics have made their way onto this page. More will be added as time goes on. I'm in the process of changing my navigational buttons. To the left are hot buttons to the main sections. A more detailed  index lies below. Old navigational buttons lie in wait throughout the site, but like the Qujalin gates, keep poking and eventually you'll get somewhere interesting!

Sit back, relax, and take a little time to explore.

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This is my number one project. Follow this link to all the
latest news as well as background information and excerpts.

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A (very) brief history of me

UpStart: the complete text
Dance of the Rings

The Gate of Ivrel Graphic Novel
Gate of Ivrel Slide Show
Jane's Galaxy of GLGs (good looking guys)

Links page
My Summer Vacation
The Soapbox
The Art Box
The Write Box

LotR: Journal
What I do in my sleep
(and other spare moments)

In my copious spare time, I'm webmastering
Lilac City Figure Skating Club's web page.

Last but decidedly not least: Dedications
Please take a moment to stop here >
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General Warning >

Regarding the parenthetical comments that you'll see floating about the pages: My characters ... kibitz. Constantly. It's much easier (not to mention safer for my system) simply to let them have their say than to keep them gagged inside the computer. As time goes on, their various ... natures ... will come clear enough. I refuse to give them Index Page credibility, but if you'd like to know, check out:
The "K" Files

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Unless otherwise noted, all material on these pages is Copyrightę2006 by Jane S. Fancher

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Questions? Comments? Just want to say ``Hi''?
How 'bout feedback on how the page "reads" out there in variable-virtual land?
My e-mail address is fancher@cherryh.com
I check my e-mail every day ... well, I try, anyway.
Answers ... those take a bit longer, sometimes, but they do happen.
(We see to it! --->TW)
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