The Dancing Horse Farm Lipizzans

Pooka hug
DHF's Pluto Carrma III  ©Lynne Glazer

2005 saw some changes in the population. Pandora (Favory II Bonasera III x Pirouette), 18 years young, arrived from White Horse Vale in Goldendale, WA, as a boarder in January--and stayed as a permanent resident. She's my new riding horse, and no, she's not 18 hands tall! She's 16.1 and 1500 pounds and a very good show-and-tell for those who insist that they "have" to have a 16-hand Lipizzan. I don't think anyone under six foot six "has" to have this one. In spite of her size, she's as light as any other Lipizzan; she may look like a Hummer but she drives like a Rolls. I love riding her and hope to be doing it for many years to come.

On April 28th, Galatea (Neapolitano Slatana II x Gabriella II), Tia for short, was born at Charlie Horse Acres (which name was changed just about then to Noble Lipizzans). This was my third lease baby out of Gabriella, and true to form, the Divine Miss G gave me a beautiful filly. Tia arrived at DHF in October, promptly settled in and set to work taking over the universe. She, like Ephiny, is a Bride of Pooka. At the moment, preadolescent that she is, she thinks Pooka is a nasty stinky BOY, but that will change. She certainly is good at putting him in his place. Thanks very much indeed to Noble Lipizzans for giving Miss Tia such a great start and such wonderful manners, and thanks to Imperial Farm and Linda Maguire for taking care of Miss Tia after she was weaned and before she was shipped all the way down to Tucson.

In a final change, Carrma is delighted to have found her personal human, Sue Bishop, and now lives at Toad Hill Arabians in Dragoon, AZ.

In the summer, we had a Disaster that became an Opportunity: a monsoon microburst blew the roof off the barn and sent a big chunk of it flying 75 feet into the middle of the arena. Thank goodness it was insured; Eddie from Custom Barns (who designed and built the original barn) not only rebuilt it but was able to add a fourth stall to the original three. Isn't it pretty?

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