Random Science Fiction Story Ideas

Each of these links goes to a page where I've included a list of characters, items, emotions, descriptors, places, or events suitable for use in a science fiction story. When you click on each link, you go to the page, and a javascript chooses one of the words on the list randomly. If you want more than one word from any list, simply click on the button on that page.

Have pen and paper handy to write down the words generated by these lists. You might want to generate several from some of the lists, such as characters. Or come back after you've brainstormed a little with the words you get here, if it seems like you need something else to add to the ideas you've got.

I've found that even the most strange juxtapositions of words from these lists generate interesting story ideas--in fact, bumping things that don't seem to belong together seems to make the brainstorming easier.

If you'd like to add to any of the lists, E-mail me at julia.west.nospam@sff.net (remove the obvious to use the E-mail address).



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Last update 29 December 2000