The 10% Solution, Self-editing for the Modern Writer

The 10% Solution, by Ken Rand, cover flat Former CALLIHOO member Ken Rand has written a GREAT book on writing: The 10% Solution, Self-editing for the Modern Writer. I think the best description comes in the cover blurbs:

     "You could spend a gazillion bucks patronizing the Famous Writers School. Or you could pick up Ken Rand's economical text and pay scrupulous attention. The Ten Percent Solution is the Real Thing. The Write Stuff. Ken Rand and I share a common background, so I know right where he learned his hard lessons. This little book offers no magical shortcut; but it does distill many years' professional experience and common sense. When I suspect that one of my own stories is working, it's inevitably for one or more of the reasons Ken enumerates herein. The guy knows what he's talking about. If you're a long-time writer, pick this up as your refresher course. If you're an ambitious novice, consider this your bible."
     --Ed Bryant, author of Flirting With Death

     "The Ten Percent Solution is proof positive that effective books on writing need not be long or tedious. This is the best tool for writers that I've seen in many, many years. I've written fiction for thirty-five years, and taught fiction writing for twenty. During all those years I could have used The Ten Percent Solution. It would have helped me, and it would have saved my students a world of time.
     Ken Rand's twenty-five years of writing experience have produced a book that every writer needs. It is especially important for the writer who is still trying to break into publishing, but I would recommend it to the most experienced writers. It's a reminder that we should not get loose or sloppy."
     --Jack Cady, author of The Off Season

The Ten Percent Solution is available from or you can get it straight from the publisher, Fairwood Press, 21528 104th St Ct E, Bonney Lake, WA 98391. ISBN: 0-9668184-0-7.

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Last update 21 April 2008