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CALLIHOO is a weekly writers' group which has been meeting since around April of 1992 in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. We focus on both long (novels) and short fantasy and science fiction writing, with occasional forays into nonfiction and non-genre writing.

The group is for people serious about their writing and about trying to get it published. In this busy modern world a weekly meeting is a major time commitment. We want members who are willing to put out the time to write every day, complete work, submit it for critique, and critique the work of others--on a weekly basis. We feel that critiquing others' work is as important to our growth as writers as writing our own work. The very act of being able to recognize flaws in other people's writing helps us avoid those flaws in our own.

Writers' Resources on the Web (a list compiled for LTU&E)

The 10% Solution, Self-Editing for the Modern Writer

The 10% Solution, book cover Every writer needs to edit his or her material once it's written. Ken Rand's book is a quick read and has pointers everyone can use today to improve their writing . . . by at least ten percent.

The Ten Percent Solution is available from or you can get it straight from the publisher, Fairwood Press, 21528 104th St Ct E, Bonney Lake, WA 98391. ISBN: 0-9668184-0-7.

An excerpt from The Ten Percent Solution.

Julia West's home page

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