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The Bio I Always Give 'Em:

Kent Brewster is a Hugo and Nebula-nominated author, editor, and publisher. He lives and works in Silicon Valley, with 3.2 kids and his heart-of-hearts. When not herding children, Kent fiddles with the Web, writes odd little stories, and is a chronic guest of BayCon.

From 1994 to 2008, Kent published Speculations, the magazine for writers who wanted to be read. Speculations is now resting up for its next incarnation as a fiction market.

Still Butt-Ugly After All These Years

Truth in advertising compels me to reveal that the picture above is coming up on 22 years old. (The tiny baby feet are now a ladies' size ten and growing.) Also, I no longer need glasses, and my hair is grayer now ... and some of it has migrated downwards to form a charming little ring-and-patch sort of thingie around my mouth.

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