The Vampire Legacy

published by Zebra Books

Title 1st Printing 2nd Printing 3rd Printing
Blood Secrets January 1994 October 1998 October 2000
Bitter Blood October 1994 October 1998 October 2000
Blood Ties October 1995 October 1998 October 2000
Blood of My Blood     October 2000

Short Fiction

Title Publication Publisher/Date
100 Vicious Little Vampires Barnes & Nobles Books, 1995
"The Blood of the Rose" 100 Wicked Little Witches Barnes & Nobles Books, 1995
"The Mirrored Image" Love Bites Masquerade Books, 1995 (Adults only)
"Obsession" No Other Tribute Masquerade Books, 1996 (Adults only)
"The Presence" Seductive Spectres Masquerade Books, 1996 (Adults only)
"Romeo Falling" Return of The Dinosaur Daw Books, May 1997
"Forever" Horrors! 365 Stories Barnes & Nobles Books, October 1998