The Marriage Scheme

(writing as Kathleen Elliott)
Harper Monogram Regency, August 1994
ISBN 0-06-108277-5

Georgia Canning is a most dutiful daughter, and is sure her schemes to marry off her mother to Sir Jeremy Swift will work. Then Georgia knows she can settle down into a placid and independent life of being a proper young schoolmistress ... or artist ... or was it a milliner...? Whatever it was, she certainly can ignore the attentions of the handsome young Lord Ashcombe.

His warm smiles were only friendly ones, his help in navigating the deadly shores of London's high society was only from disinterested kindness, and his kisses ... he didn't really mean them that way, did he?

Karen's comments

Well, what can I say? This is the first book I wrote, and it probably shows. I began writing it in my twenties, and that shows, too--the teen-aged heroine actually talks about her mother being at the advanced age of thirty-six.


I will say that this book would be appropriate for young adult readers, and is, actually, rather fun. --KEH