Home Up


The photos here are of the general Boyertown area, taken in September and October. Most of the buildings here are 80 years old or more, and some date back 150 years. Our home is a 1902 row house, with eat in kitchen, living room and back room downstairs, two bedrooms and bathroom upstairs, and a short people basement and attic. The cats love the extra space, and have discovered the joys of the old steam radiators. Some of them are original to the house, complete with ornate metalwork.

This is the main street of Boyertown. It's a lovely street, lined with old homes. 


Our house is the red brick with blue window decorations.  


The back of our place. We have a long narrow yard that might get potted plants in it next spring. We plan to get some outdoor furniture and a BBQ for the back patio.