[The Gift]

When Anwyn Baldomyre came out and told me he was gay, I knew it would be no easy road for either of us to travel.  Yet, surprisingly few people among his avid readers have ever acted as though they objected to his sexual preferences.  Indeed, many seem to embrace him and the saucy harp Glynannis who is his constant companion.

On the other hand, finding a publisher open-minded enough to print his first novel has not been a successful venture to date.  So if you readers really want to know the whole story, you're going to have to let the publishers know that they need to publish SONGS OF THE MAGISTER.

In the mean time, these are the stories about the Harper Mage.

"Harper's Moon" Marion Zimmer Bradley's FANTASY Magazine #11
"The Black Tower" Marion Zimmer Bradley's FANTASY Magazine #18
"The Demon's Lamentation" "Marion Zimmer Bradley's FANTASY Magazine #22
"Satyr's Song" Marion Zimmer Bradley's FANTASY Magazine #26
     (will be reprinted in Visionair)
"The Oak King's Wrath" "Marion Zimmer Bradley's FANTASY Magazine #35
"A Little Knight Music" "Adventures of Sword & Sorcery" #5
"A Winter's Tale" Marion Zimmer Bradley's FANTASY Magazine # 42
"Cup of Songs" Marion Zimmer Bradley's FANTASY Magazine # 46
"Song of Silver" Bookface (Reprinted in OUTSIDE THE BOX, an anthology edited by Lou Anders and available from Wildside Press
"The Doonie's Gift" Marion Zimmer Bradley's FANTASY Magazine (Dec 2000)
"Song of Death" Dark Regions Magazine (#16)

UPDATE: 12/10: because So Many People Have Asked..."Magic's Song: Tales of the Harper Mage" is no longer available from Wildside Press. I have a few copies (very few) for sale, and am hoping to reprint a new edition in the future. I do have a collection out from Dark Regions Press titled SONG OF SILVER, and there have been more Anwyn Stories in such places as SORCEROUS SIGNALS (an online Magazine) and from Wolfsinger Publications, there is a novella titled THE CITY UNDER THE BRIDGE that came out in 2009. And for the information of the people who have asked: No, I did not get "Harper Mage" from Wizards of the Coast (TSR as they were in the old days). I have been writing and trying to sell stories about Anwyn and Glynnanis since the early to mid 80's. Marion bought the first story from me in 1990 and it came out in Winter 1991. I had it brought to my attention at that time by several bookstore folk that TSR had stolen my idea for the Harper Mage to create a new player class. Sorry, but it is probably more coincidence than anything, though I DID submit "Harper's Moon" to Dragon Magazine back in the late 80's and had it soundly rejected by the editor at that time with a letter stating "we do not consider homosexuality a proper subject for our readers" (even though I swear I took out all the references). Do I think that editor took my idea, handed it over to the TSR folk and said, hey this would make a great new character class? No, I do not. Ideas happen, and oftentimes different writers have the same idea without ever knowing each other, but for the record, I created the Harper Mage Anwyn Baldomyre and his magic harp Glynnanis long before TSR made a character class out of his title, and I still have the rejection letter--ran across it just a few months ago as a matter of fact, so if the question ever DOES arise or WOTC tries to accuse ME of theft, sorry, but I have proof that I sent you a Harper Mage story before you ever had little TSR writers writing about the Harper Mage class. Just so you know. ;-)

Wish me luck...

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