[Keltic Boar]

It started with a man.  A very tall, red-haired man with a funny accent and a long plaid cloak.  Conor Mac Manahan was his name  But after the Last War when the bloodmage Cudraeighean Moran, the self-proclaimed Barbarian King, led the Haxon hordes into Ard-Taebh only to be defeated at last by the High King's Keltoran Millitia, Conor choose to go by Conor Manahan.  He had learned all too well that Keltoran traditions gained little respect among the rest of Ard-Taebh.

Conor's behavior in his first adventure (my first novel Ard Magister) made me realize that I had invented a whole country of folk like him,  And from him, that land grew and flourished.

Yes, it is a thinly disguised Scotland, and in truth, I had no idea what sort of land it would be until Conor came along.  Before Conor, it was a place on a map I had drawn.  But Conor was always a man to have his way, and he insisted I pay attention to his customs and let him tell me what his homeland was like.

In time, other citizens of that great land joined the ranks.  Ginny Ni Cooley, the mage spirit Manus and the Moor Terrier Thistle ("The Bargain," "Give a Dog a Bone," "The Dancing Men of Ballyben"), Lorcan Mac Treasigh and his twin sister Caitlin and his cousin Hugh ("The Green Hag's Barrow"), and other tales drawn from the ancient folklore I love.  My own vast readings in Scottish folklore (which has fascinated me most of my life) became the ground work for the stories I have published about Keltora, and is still providing me with meat for future tales.

There are many stories set in Keltora, Land of Myth. You can find most of them collected in:

KELTORA, LAND OF MYTH from Embiid Publishing and

Novels about Conor, Eithne and Rhoyd include:

ARD MAGISTER from Yard Dog Press and
THE BLACK HUNTER from Embiid Publishing

Oh, and don't worry. There are still more adventures to come.

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