Some (Theoretically) Cogent Commentary from Keith

What follows are some bits of commentary culled from various places.

Some are from the now-deceased Genie computer bulletin board service. Genie's Science Fiction RoundTable had an area where authors got their own topics. I used my topic as a forum to shoot my mouth off, as is my wont. Many of these are getting a little out of date, but what the hell -- it's my web site, I can do what I want...

Some are from my newsgroup on, which replaced the Genie topic, or from my Live Journal, KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life, which replaced the newsgroup. The newer stuff is from there.

Some are reviews I've done for the monthly SFRevu e-zine, which are archived here after the following issue of the e-zine is published.

Some come from the Psi Phi Star Trek Books BBS, a very lively discussion forum for Trek literature (and other Trek items), to which I am a regular poster.

Two others come from the Internet. There's the in-depth look at each episode of Highlander: The Series, which derives from the Highlander mailing list. And there's the commentary on the relationship between the Marvel heroes Giant-Man and the Wasp that started out life on rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe on Usenet.

(If you want more commentary, baseball related in this case, check out the Bleacher Creature Feature.)

In Memoriam

In-Depth Reviews/Overviews:

Things I Liked:

Things I Didn't Like:

Snide Commentary:

Trip Reports:

It is quite likely that some of these comments will, in turn, cause comment. If so -- whether you agree wholeheartedly, think I'm full of fecal matter, or somewhere in between -- please feel free to e-mail me and let me know just what you think of me...


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