Keith R.A. DeCandido's Fanfiction


"Justice League GEnie"

[all archived in the Comics RoundTable Library on the Genie online service]

(w/Ray Haynes, Matt Wilbur, Dave Avery, John Terra, Branch Haines, Charles Hall, Richard Tefertiller, and Joe Crowe) (w/Marina Frants and John Terra)

Marvel Comics

[all to be archived at the still-under-construction Mutated Milieu web site]

"Human Touch: The Continuing Story of A.C. Kokiadis & the Massachusetts Academy."

Stories for "The Greenbriar Academy": Stories for "Go West": (w/Doug Dawson) Stories for "The Delphi Corporation":

Highlander, Hercules, and Xena

[archived at the TV fanfic page]

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