Keith R.A. DeCandido's Nonfiction


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"Bleacher Creatures!!: We Haven't Seen Anything this Crazy Since the Michael Jackson Interview," For Yankee Fans Only!: If You are a Yankee Fan, This Book is the Story of Your Life, ed. by Rich Wolfe, Lone Wolfe Press, 2003.

Review of The Hulk movie, SFRevu, June 2003.

Review of X2: X-Men United, SFRevu, May 2003.

Review of the Daredevil movie, SFRevu, February 2003.

Review of the Spider-Man movie, SFRevu, May 2002.

"Adam-Troy Castro: The Best Writer in the Entire World," introduction to A Desperate, Decaying Darkness by Adam-Troy Castro; Wildside Press, 2000.

"How to Write a Media Tie-In Novel in Six Easy Steps,", 6 January 2000.

Entry for Immortus, The Villains of Marvel Comics, January 1998.

Entry for Mojo, The Villains of Marvel Comics, January 1998.

Entry for the Super-Skrull, The Villains of Marvel Comics, January 1998.

Entry for Debra Whitman, Women of Marvel Comics, November 1997.

Entry for Ann Weying/She-Venom, Women of Marvel Comics, November 1997.

"Review of Spider-Man/Gen13," Peter Parker's Pad, Vol. 3, #9, October 1997.

"Review of Uncanny X-Men #346," Peter Parker's Pad, Vol. 3, #8, August 1997.

Entry for the Vulture, The Villains of Marvel Comics, August 1997.

Reviews of the Spider-Man Flashback Month titles, including The Sensational Spider-Man #-1, The Amazing Spider-Man #-1, The Spectacular Spider-Man #-1, Peter Parker: Spider-Man #-1, Untold Tales of Spider-Man #-1, and Venom: Seed of Darkness #-1; the official Spider-Man listserver page, July 1997.

Entry for Major Nefertiti Jones, Women of Marvel Comics, June 1997.

"Review of Marvel Valentine Special #1," Peter Parker's Pad, Vol. 3, #4, April 1997.

"Review of Spider-Man Team-Up #5 and The Savage Dragon/Destroyer Duck #1," Peter Parker's Pad, Vol. 3, #1, January 1997.

(w/various and sundry others) Assorted Questions, The Sci-Fi Channel Trivia Book, edited by John Gregory Betancourt; Boulevard, 1996.

(w/various and sundry others) Assorted Questions, The Sci-Fi Channel Trivia Game; Arts & Commerce/BPMC, 1996.
"Review of Spider-Man: The Final Adventure," Peter Parker's Pad, Vol. 2, #4, April 1996.

(w/Marina Frants) "Down by the Bayou: The 20th Annual World Fantasy Convention, New Orleans, Louisiana," Special Report, Wilson Library Bulletin, January 1995.

"MARVELous," Comic Book Notes, Creem, March 1994.

"Beyond the Valley of the Word Balloons," Comic Book Notes, Creem, January/February 1994.

"Insight Image," Comic Book Notes, Creem, November/December 1993.

(w/Marina Frants) "ConFrancisco, Here We Come: The 51st Annual World Science Fiction Convention," On Assignment, Wilson Library Bulletin, November 1993.

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"Trade Comics," Book Review, Library Journal, July 1993.

(uncredited) "Elayne Boosler," Current Biography Yearbook, 1993.

"Trade Comics," Book Review, Library Journal, 15 June 1992.

"Comic 'Books'," Book Review, Library Journal, 1 June 1991.

"Get the Picture?: A Serious Look at Comics in Libraries," Library Journal, 1 May 1991.

(w/GraceAnne A. DeCandido) "Orson Scott Card," Interview, Publishers Weekly, 30 November 1990.

"Picture This: Graphic Novels in Libraries," Library Journal, 15 March 1990.
In addition, Keith was a regular reviewer of books, comics, videos, audiobooks, and magazines for Library Journal, Publishers Weekly (uncredited), and Horror: the Magazine of the Horror and Dark Fantasy Field from 1990-1995. Most, though not all, of his reviews were in the science fiction and/or comics genres.

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