Boskone 37 Trip Report
18-20 February 2000

[The following trip report was made piecemeal from my laptop over the course of the weekend.]

Friday afternoon

Last month I drove to New England the day before Arisia started in order to do a signing at Million-Year Picnic in Harvard Square. I drove up in a nasty blizzard on Thursday all for a signing that nobody showed up for, 'cause there was a blizzard. Friday, though -- the day everyone else drove into Boston -- was sunny and beautiful and great driving weather.

Jump ahead to this weekend. Yesterday I drove to New England the day before Boskone started in order to do a signing at MYP to make up for the one that was snowed out last month. I drove up in sunny and beautiful weather on Thursday for a very successful signing. Today, though -- the day everyone else is driving to Framingham -- is a nasty blizzard that they're predicting some 5 inches of snow for.

I'm off to meander before my 7pm Deep Space Nine panel. And tonight is Whose Line is it Anyway? I saw Michael Burstein when I checked in, and he told me there'll be singing this year. I am not amused....

Saturday morning

Last night, we got to play "who will make it?" as we stared out the Sheraton Framingham's windows and watched the snow come down. They were talking anywhere from 5-10 inches. It finally stopped late last night, but the snow has started up again this morning. Yeesh.

Spent mucho time in the bar, natch, and also did two program items: the Deep Space Nine panel, which was primarily talking about how DS9 at its worst was eighty gajillion times better than Voyager at its best... *chuckle*

Then there was Whose Line is it Anyway? Ginjer Buchanan put off her drive up to this morning 'cause of the snow, so she was replaced by Madeleine Robins, who wound up winning. The show was hit-and-miss -- hosts Michael & Nomi Burstein tried some experiments that just didn't work -- but there were some high points, including the superhero game where I was Cliché Man, Esther Friesner was Gun Nut, Josepha Sherman was Incontinence Woman, and Mad was Sponge Girl. And Jo and Mad doing a scene first as a Woody Allen flick, then Godzilla, then Tarantino was priceless.

Hung out at the bar some more till they kicked us out. Most amusing moment was a table full of people hearing Don McLean's "American Pie" on the jukebox and immediately singing along -- with Weird Al's "The Saga Begins" lyrics. Wound up at the rec.arts.sff party, where I met a young woman who also loves Arlo Guthrie and baseball, so we had plenty to talk about, and finally to bed at 2.30. Today's my busiest day -- autographing, panels at 2 and 10, reading at 3.

Sunday morning

Things have been pootling along nicely. Yesterday, I did the "Short Fiction: Still the Cutting Edge?" panel, which was lively enough, though it wound up being a frighteningly large amount of doomsaying. Both my 3pm reading and my 10pm panel were interrupted by fire alarms that turned out to be nothing -- no word as yet as to what caused them, but one rumor is that the new system they put in when they remodeled this place isn't quite working properly.

(The remodeling, BTW, is hideous. They have made this place beige. Everything is beige. The murals are gone, the carpeting has been replaced, and everything is beige. New furniture, too, that is, at least, sturdier than the old stuff, if less aesthetically pleasing.)

The reading went well despite the interruption, and the Buffy panel was a hoot and a holler, of course, though Mad never made it (she got caught up in setting up the Tor party). That was followed by the Tor party, where I got to introduce my buddy Terri Osborne to a bunch of my silly friends and colleagues, and a drunken time was had by all.

Today is the SFWA EMF auction -- my first time running one (with Esther's help).


Sunday did the EMF auction, which was run by self, Esther, and Laura Anne Gilman. It went very well -- the three of us have our shtick pretty much down -- and, while I'm no jan howard finder, I think I did a perfectly adequate job as auctioneer. And we raised lotsa dough, too, including $200 for a couple of Star Trek Tuckerizations (one in my next novel, one in the next Jo Sherman/Susan Shwartz opus).

After that, I hied to Leigh Grossman & Lesley McBain's Annual Post-Boskone Party And Food-Fest, where Lesley, as usual, cooked enough food to feed three times the capacity of the house, and a wonderful time was had by all.

I crashed in Pomfret with L&L, then drove to Boston for a nice lunch with a family friend and a nice business dinner, then imposed on Terri's couch rather than face all the coming-home-from-the-three-day-weekend traffic when I was completely zonked (as I was). Of course, Terri gets up for work at 6am, so this may not have been the best plan, but I crashed early, and the drive home this a.m. was smooth as silk (aside from one teeny backup going into Hartford that lasted all of six-and-a-half seconds).

[First posted on sff.people.krad at from 18-22 February 2000.]


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