Back in 1996, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, a brilliant, twisted woman, started playing with an anagram generator. At one point, she fed "Keith R.A. DeCandido" into it, and found herself able to construct an actual piece of poetry from the results. That poem is the masterpiece Dead Kitchen Radio, in which every single line (including the title) is an anagram of my name.

Five years later, inspired by an offhand comment made by Steve Rosenhaus on a mailing list, Janna Silverstein, another brilliant, twisted woman -- they breed -- composed The Bronx Bongo in my, er, honor.

These literary masterworks are presented herewith, and guaranteed to give you microseconds of pleasure. Enjoy!

Dead Kitchen Radio
a poem by
Teresa Nielsen Hayden

The Bronx Bongo
a poem by
Janna Silverstein


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