Star Trek: Tales of the Dominion War
"Itís hard for me to pick a single winner here among the twelve tales in this anthology; every tale is that good. Like all wars, Tales of the Dominion War reveals what happens when war brings out the worst -- and the best -- in all of us, from the highest-ranking admirals to the lowly grunts and ensigns in their battle for survival."
---Bill Williams, "Tales of the Dominion War Adds Flourish to DS9's History-Making Storyline,"

Star Trek: Tales of the Dominion War

Tales of the Dominion War cover, art by John Blackford

edited by Keith R.A. DeCandido

an anthology on sale now from Pocket Books

The Dominion War on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was a major departure: the first time a Trek show has focused on a major military engagement for a period lasting longer than an episode or three. Even so, we really only saw the war through the lens of DS9. There are still many tales to be told. Some of those were chronicled in the Next Generation books in the 1998 Dominion War tetralogy by John Vornholt, the 2002 TNG novel The Battle of Betazed by Charlotte Douglas and Susan Kearney, and the 2002 eBooks Star Trek: S.C.E: War Stories by yours truly.

"Individually, these stories represent some of the best Star Trek writing ever: frightening, profound, dazzling, funny, and well written without exception. As an ensemble, they give us slices of a huge saga in a way that seems panoramic and well integrated, broadening not only the story of the Federation's struggle against implacable enemy invaders, but the reader's view of the Federation, and beyond. There are few enough Trek titles that qualify as absolute must-reads, but this is one of them."
---Killian Melloy,
But that still leaves many other stories to tell. The fall of Betazed (mentioned in "In the Pale Moonlight"). The Breen attack on Earth (briefly seen in "The Changing Face of Evil"). What were the other characters in the Star Trek universe doing during the war? What about the Klingon and Romulan POV? Or even the Jem'Hadar's?

"We get to see far more of the horrors, and heroism, of the war. In print, writers are able to pull in characters, settings, and ideas from all the Star Trek series, and they do just that. ... Overall, a good collection."
---Ian Randal Strock, Artemis magazine, Summer 2004
And so Pocket has released an anthology entitled Tales of the Dominion War, edited by me. Having not only written plenty of Trek fiction but also edited over a dozen anthologies, I had the happy task of assembling this collection of twelve stories that show the war effort from multiple viewpoints.

"Tales of the Dominion War is a pleasant reminder that Trek doesn't have to be epic, and that short is often sweet."
---Tom Holt, TV Zone #180
Tales of the Dominion War at least touches on every aspect of the Trek universe, both televised and in prose form.

"It is not often that I read a story anthology and can honestly say that I enjoyed every one. I can say that about Tales of the Dominion War. Each and every story has something singular to offer. Don't be surprised if when you finish this volume you find yourself compelled to start all over again."
---Jacqueline Bundy, Trek Nation
The table of contents is as follows:

Some matchings of subject matter to author are self-evident: Peter's story is a New Frontier tale, Jo and Susan did a Spock-on-Romulus story that will thrill fans of their novels Vulcan's Forge and Vulcan's Heart, and regular S.C.E. contributors Dayton and Kevin are doing an adventure of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. There is a story featuring Klag, the star of the I.K.S. Gorkon novels, but it's not by me, as I chose to write the tale of the fall of Betazed. Instead, Bob's "A Song Well Sung" will deal with Klag. Other events covered include the Breen attack on Earth ("Eleven Hours Out" and "Safe Harbors") and the campaigns led by Shinzon ("Twilight's Wrath"), plus more.

"This sizzling collection of short stories offers a terrific insight into the Dominion War beyond what we saw on Deep Space Nine, and also features a plethora of familiar faces ... A great volume of Star Trek stories that packs in plenty of invention and characterisation."
---John Freeman, Dreamwatch #121
Tales of the Dominion War has been published as a trade paperback. You can order the book from the kind and benevolent folk at, and you can read an excerpt from Howard Weinstein's "Safe Harbors."

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