Star Trek: Voyager: Distant Shores
"Distant Shores is a good idea carried out with skill and flair."
---Tom Holt, TV Zone #200

Star Trek: Voyager
Distant Shores

Star Trek: Voyager: Distant Shores

edited by Marco Palmieri

an anthology on sale now from Pocket Books

Just as 2003 was the tenth anniversary of Deep Space Nine, 2005 was the tenth anniversary of Voyager, and Pocket Books has continued their tradition of celebrating anniversaries with an anthology -- for DS9 it was Prophecy and Change, and for Voyager, it's Distant Shores. Including stories running throughout the ship's seven-year sojourn through the Delta Quadrant, the anthology covers several differerent aspects of Voyager's journey, and every character gets a spotlight.
"Any television series, especially viewed in hindsight, misses storytelling opportunities. Pocket Books Editor Marco Palmieri set out to exploit some of those missed opportunities on Star Trek: Voyager in the new anthology Distant Shores. In Distant Shores Palmieri has brought together a blend of veteran Star Trek authors and newer voices to pay tribute to the 10th anniversary of the series with a beautifully balanced collection of stories that accomplish something I did not think was possible; reading the stories within its pages made me feel nostalgic for Voyager."
---Jacqueline Bundy, "The Book Padd," TrekToday
The table of contents:

The stories are in chronological order. My tale is my second straight Voyager story not to take place at all in the Delta Quadrant (following The Brave and the Bold Book 2), as it focuses on the people left behind by Voyager's disappearance. Captain Janeway's boyfriend, Mark Johnson, is the POV character, but we also see various friends and relatives, including those of the crew who were killed in "Caretaker," none of whom know the final fate of their loved ones. The story runs from about a year after "Caretaker" until the events of "Message in a Bottle" and "Hunters," when Voyager at last makes contact with the Alpha Quadrant.
"The most somber tale of DISTANT SHORES, Keith R.A. DeCandido's 'Letting Go,' is also the anthology's strongest story. Spanning the events of the second, third, and fourth seasons, DeCandido effectively and poignantly reveals how the loved ones left behind must pick up the pieces of their lives and move forward, even if the cost is too high."
---Bill Williams, "Tenth Anniversary of STAR TREK: VOYAGER Celebrated with Anthology Collection, DISTANT SHORES,"
The book is available from the good folks at or at your local bookstore.

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