An Overview of Highlander: The Series

I joined the mailing list for the Highlander movies and TV series in late 1996 due to my great enjoyment of the TV series (I think the movies sucked rocks, frankly). During a lengthy stretch of repeats during the month of March 1997, I decided to break the monotony of Rerun Hell by doing an overview of all the episodes of the TV series, as well as the three HL novels that had then been published by Warner Aspect, in the hopes of sparking some lively debate. The list was continually updated after that, and now includes every episode of the series through to the end of its sixth and final season, as well as a fourth novel.

Each episode or novel is given a rating from 1 to 10 -- 1 being purest tripe, 10 being perfection.

The list (which is divided by season) assumes a familiarity with the series and an ability to recognize episodes by title. However, I realize that not everyone remembers titles, and sometimes titles are confusing (for example, I have a hell of a time keeping "Shadows" and "The Darkness" straight, since the titles are interchangably applicable). To facilitate matters, I've included links to the episode summaries on the Official Highlander Site at each episode listing.

I've also included a ranking page that lists the episodes from best to worst, which can be used as a must-see/must-avoid guide (or, at least, a let's-see-what-the-pattern-of-what-Keith-likes-is guide...).



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