Lunacon 2000 Trip Report
24-26 March 2000

Friday was spent hanging out with folks and drinking a lot, as I wasn't on any programming. We went from the bar to the restaurant to the Meet the Pros party back to the bar to the art show reception and back to the bar again. Fun evening.

There was a cute piece of art in the art show called "Muppetcide: Life on the Street," which has muppets cast as the regulars on Homicide. Kermit is Pembleton, Miss Piggy is Howard, Bert is Munch, Scooter is either Kellerman or Bayliss (it's hard to judge), Fozzie is Lewis, and Rowlf is Gee. Unfortunately, the artist hadn't even bothered to erase the blue pencil lines and was asking for a $100 minimum bid. I refuse to pay an artist for a work when he's too friggin' lazy to erase the pencils.

I woke up wonky Saturday morning (drank both wine and beer, which is always ill-advised), and decided to blow off the 11am panel on movies that I wasn't really qualified to be on anyhow and met with Carol Greenburg, the editor of my Trek novel, to discuss the revision of same.

Then I came back to the room to nap and catch up on e-mail and other stuff before heading back down to be sociable and do my 5pm panel on media tie-ins. Marina has purchased a bunch of books, two new hairsticks, and a beautiful boulder opal ring to go with the earrings she got in Australia. And much time has been spent at Willow's table, natch....

The tie-in panel was quite lively -- myself, Josepha Sherman, Susan Shwartz, Barbara Hambly, Greg Cox, and John Ordover. All of us have written Star Trek in some medium or other, and all of us (except for Susan) have worked on other tie-ins as well, and three of us also had an editorial perspective. We covered most of the territory you'd expect, including an interesting discussion on canonicity versus continuity.

After that was the preparation for the Swordsmith Productions party being thrown by Leigh Grossman, Lesley McBain, myself, and Marina, getting the two rooms set up for their respective functions -- one to be the mill'n'swill room with most of the food and drinks, the other to be the music room with lots of space cleared for us musician types to play. Then I went to a nice dinner with Lisa and Karen Sullivan (Lisa came to The Group through Alexandra Honigsberg, as they attended Union Theological Seminary together; Karen is her sister, and they're both the niftiest of folks). Lisa at one point tried to convince the maitre d' -- who was already convinced that Lisa and Karen were twins (they're not, Lisa's two years older) that I was their cousin Abner from Kentucky. I'm not sure if he bought it or not...

The party itself was an absolute blast, even with the annoying parts. It was mostly past and present members of the Don't Quit Your Day Job Players, as me and David & Alexandra Honigsberg were joined by co-founder (with me and David) Peter J. Heck and our ex-bass player Rik Cleary. (Our current bassist, Pat O'Brien, was supposed to show up, but couldn't make it. We were also later joined by Glenn Hauman.) We did a nice mix of songs, including several we hadn't done in ages. At one point, we switched rooms because the people right below us included some small children that were trying to sleep. Of course, the floor below us was also a party floor, and the people there knew that, and the con security folk made it clear that we didn't have to move to the other room, but could we please, huh, huh,could we?

We did, with the able help of Dave Mack -- who recently suffered from a bleeding ulcer, and has been bereft of caffeine, alcohol, and most edible foods for the last couple of weeks, and therefore had lots of anger and frustration to work off, and so threw himself into the role of roadie with gusto (he also served as the bouncer; this was not an open party, and there was alcohol, so the only folks who were let in were people of age that we knew). We then made it through a bunch more songs until just before midnight when we had to shut it down because of complaints from two floors down, supposedly -- we later found out that it was really a certain member of Lunacon's committee who shall remain nameless throwing his (considerable) weight around in order to be a flaming asshole. However, we ended on "Nights in White Satin," which was a good spot to end on, and we'd played a good long while, and were content to sit around and eat and drink and play our CD real loud. *grin*

The party continued until the wee hours, as these things will do, and sleep was eventually accomplished.

Sunday I did a reading at 10.30am, which was remarkably well attended, especially since a) I had switched with Rosemary Edghill's Saturday night reading (a fact that didn't make it into the pocket program -- which was pretty much a work of fiction in any case), b) it was Sunday morning, and c) I was late. I read "Recurring Character," my short story in the upcoming Xena anthology and a piece from Diplomatic Implausibility.

Then I helped out with the SFWA Charity Auction -- among the items sold off were the hand-knit willy warmer (sic) that Brenda Clough made and which has been regularly bought and given back to be re-auctioned. I also auctioned off a Tuckerization in my next Trek novel for a ship captain, which went for $75.

After that was the Farscape panel, which included myself, Greg, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Joan Winston, and Roberta Rogow, and was great fun. It's obvious that the show has what Joan referred to as "the magic" -- it's a show that gets SF fans talking about it. The "did you see what happened?" factor, as Greg put it. (Greg also made sure to hype the Farscape novels that Tor will be publishing.)

I then sat in on parts of the second half of the "Anime Without Tears" panel -- the travelling anime roadshow that some combination of Marina, Kim Kindya, Russell Handelman, Dan Persons, and Jagi Lamplighter have been doing at east coast cons for years. All but Jagi were there for this one, and they served their purpose of Anime 101 quite well, giving people a primer in cool Japanese animation.

After that we came home and collapsed. All in all, a fun weekend, reminding me why I've been to ten straight Lunacons....

[First posted on sff.people.krad at on 25 and 27 March 2000.]


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