Star Trek: Mirror Universe

Star Trek
Mirror Universe

Glass Empires

Enterprise: Age of the Empress by Mike Sussman, with Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore
Star Trek: Sorrows of Empire by David Mack
The Next Generation: The Worst of Both Worlds by Greg Cox

Obsidian Alliances

Voyager: The Mirror-Scaled Serpent by Keith R.A. DeCandido
New Frontier: Cutting Ties by Peter David
Deep Space Nine: Saturn's Children by Sarah Shaw

six novels in two trade paperbacks on sale now from Pocket Books

In the second season of Star Trek, Captain Kirk, Dr. McCoy, Mr. Scott, and Lt. Uhura beamed back from a landing party to find themselves on an alternate Enterprise, one where the Terran Empire rules the stars instead of the United Federation of Planets. The uniforms were harsher, the discipline was brutal, Spock had a goatée, Sulu had a scar -- not a nice place. That Mirror Universe proved to be immensely popular -- the notion of one's evil twin having a goatée has become cliché -- and it's one that Star Trek has mined several times on screen (the Deep Space Nine episodes "Crossover," "Through the Looking Glass," "Shattered Mirror," "Resurrection," and "The Emperor's New Cloak"; the Enterprise episodes "In a Mirror, Darkly" Parts 1-2), in books (Dark Mirror, Spectre, Dark Victory, Preserver, the Dark Passions duology, Warpath, Fearful Symmetry), in comic books (several issues of DC Comics's first Trek comic), and even in videogames (Shattered Universe, Elite Force) and RPGs (Decipher's Mirror Universe).

And now Pocket's going back there again, with a really nifty experiment. Where in the past, six-book crossovers have been done in six separate mass-market titles (Captain's Table, Double Helix, New Earth, Gateways, The Lost Era), this time they will be in two trade paperbacks, each containing three novels. Each of the five TV series will be represented, as well as the prose-only series, Peter David's New Frontier.

The three TV shows that had MU episodes will all get followups in these books: the Enterprise story will be coauthored by Mike Sussman (who cowrote "In a Mirror, Darkly"), assisted by Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore, and will pick up where those episodes left off, showing the rise to power of Empress Hoshi Sato after that two-parter. David Mack will pick up shortly after "Mirror, Mirror," and show how Spock tried to put the mainline universe's Kirk's advice to good use -- and how the history, as described by Kira in "Crossover" played out (be warned, though, that Kira's summation is not the whole story, and you only think you know how it ends). And newcomer Sarah Shaw will bridge the gap between "The Emperor's New Cloak" and the appearances of the MU in the recent DS9 post-finale novel Warpath.

The other three will be 24th-century tales that extrapolate from what we saw, primarily on DS9. Greg Cox's TNG story will be Picard-heavy -- in a world without Starfleet, it is the archeologist side of Picard that becomes dominant. Peter David's NF tale will show us a Calhoun who also never had the civilizing influence of Starfleet.

Which leads us nicely to my contribution: a Voyager story called The Mirror-Scaled Serpent. Counterparts to all the opening-credits regulars on Voyager will appear, as well as those of several recurring characters. The theme will still be people trapped 70,000 light-years from home -- but it will mostly take place in the Alpha Quadrant. It will tie into DS9's MU stories, as well as Dave Mack's TOS tale in this miniserires.

But my favorite aspect of the whole thing can be summed up in three words: Harry Kim, badass.

You can order Glass Empires or Obsidian Alliances from the good folks at, or just haunt your local bookstore.

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