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On this page you can see what, exactly, has been updated recently (the page will be kept current with all changes made over the past six months). So herewith...

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26 May 2008.

Added many many review quotes to the
gloat page, and also updated the appearances page.

12 May 2008.

Bibliography update: Moved The Quality of Leadership to the anthology section and added Spectres to the forthcoming stuff section.

Also updated the pages for Doctor Who fiction and Blizzard Games fiction.

11 May 2008.

Added a report on Arlo Guthrie's concert at the Patchogue Theatre to the commentary page.

26 April 2008.

Long-delayed update to the gloat page with quotes from more than thirty new reviews (with more coming in the next few days).

Also added an article for Star Trek: The Magazine to the nonfiction section of the bibliography.

23 April 2008.

Major update:

Stories & excerpts: Added Chapter 1 of Four Walls, and also posted the Dragon Precinct story "Crime of Passion" in honor of International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day.

Bibliography: Moved Four Walls to the published book section, and also noted my Scribe Award nominations for Q & A, The Deathless, and Extinction therein. Also added several new titles to the forthcoming stuff section and added The Dome: Avatar to the discography.

Pictures: Added two pictures (from I-Con 27 and New York Comic-Con 2008) to the 2008 section and three (from I-Con 27) to the music section.

Covers & other art: Added the cover to Bone Key to the miscellaneous section.

Appearances: Added more specifics on the Pennwriters Conference in May, and removed all three April items.

Biography: Updated the bio.

4 April 2008.

Added four new Boogie Knights photos from Dragon*Con to the music section of the pictures page. Provided my full schedule for I-Con 27 on the appearances page.

22 March 2008.

Updated the bibliography, moving Enterprises of Great Pitch and Moment to the published eBook section, adding Amazon ordering info for Bone Key to the forthcoming stuff section, and adding an article for Star Trek: The Magazine to the nonfiction section. Also added lots of information about The Quality of Leadership to the Doctor Who fiction page. Finally, added a Shore Leave 28 picture to the 2006 section of the pictures page.

19 March 2008.

Added a whole mess of pictures to pictures page, including the music section as well as the sections for 2007, 2004, and 2003, as well as starting the 2008 section. Also removed Lunacon from the appearances page.

11 March 2008.

Updated the appearances page to include Destinies and more details of Lunacon.

19 February 2008.

Updated the appearances page in the wake of Farpoint.

25 January 2008.

Updated the bibliography, including moving A Burning House to the published books section and several updates to the forthcoming stuff section. Also updated the appearances page to include a bunch of stuff...

3 January 2008.

Happy new year!

Added a speaking engagement at the SF Society of Northern New Jersey to the appearances page.

22 December 2007.

Merry happy!

Sorry for the lack of updates. Been busybusybusy. However, I've updated the appearances page a bit to include some 2008 cons.

Also updated the covers and other art page adding the covers for The Quality of Leadership (to the editorial section), Enterprises of Great Pitch and Moment (to the Star Trek prose section), and CSI: NY: Four Walls and Doctor Who: Short Trips: the Quality of Leadership (to the miscellaneous section).


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