OtherWere: Stories of Transformation
"OtherWere as a whole does not disappoint. Editors Laura Anne Gilman and Keith R.A. DeCandido have assembled a remarkably solid anthology, and one with more diversity than might be expected from an 'alternate lycanthropes' premise. ... with scarcely an exception, the volume's contributors all achieve precisely what they've attempted, leaving editors Gilman and DeCandido with a rare and impressive batting average. This is a book that shouldn't be missed, from an editorial team that deserves to be seen again."
---John C. Bunnell, Tangent #16, Fall 1996
OtherWere cover -- painting by Linda Messier, design by Casey Hampton


Stories of Transformation

edited by Laura Anne Gilman & Keith R.A. DeCandido
now on sale from Ace Books

OtherWere is one of my proudest accomplishments. Originally conceived on the night of the full moon by myself and Laura Anne at the PhilCon convention in Philadelphia in November 1994, the anthology features a bevy of remarkable talent taking an alternative look at the werecreature. Werewolves are, after all, a dime a dozen -- but what about weresalmon? werehamsters? werehorses? were-Republicans? This anthology, which sports a magnificent cover by Linda Messier, showcases some of these new takes on the old were. The stories range from haunting (Hoffman, Golden, Gardner) to humorous (Sherman, Nye, Egan) to intense (Castro, Cox, Salvatore). Fans of Esther Friesner will be particularly fond of her story (which is not only a werehamster tale, but also a Sherlock Holmes pastiche), as will fans of Peter David, who here gives us the long-awaited sequel to his original novel Howling Mad. (To read the introduction, click here.)

"If you find yourself more bored than horrified by typical tales of werewolves and other shapeshifting mayhem, read this book. ... This anthology restores the mystery and power of a classic horror motif. You won't know what to expect as you turn the pages. ... Most of all I enjoyed the clever diversity of theme, tone, and manifestation in this anthology. Aside from the transformation motif the stories had little in common except excellence. OtherWere offers something for everyone, whether you favor science fiction, fantasy, or horror."
---Elizabeth Barrette, Age of Wonder
OtherWere has received some good attention. In addition to the two reviews quoted above, the book was favorably reviewed in Starlog and The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, and also got favorable mentions in both the Fantasy and Horror Summations by Terri Windling and Ellen Datlow, respectively, in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror (10th ed.). Datlow and Windling also picked two tales -- Peter David's "Moonlight Becomes You" and Nina Kiriki Hoffman's "Inner Child" -- for their Honorable Mentions list in that volume.

"Fans who already know the work of these authors will enjoy this collection and newcomers will probably want to seek out their other writings. This anthology would make a solid addition to a YA fantasy collection."
---Karen Herc, VOYA
The book is in stores now. It's available in finer bookstores everywhere (and probably some of the crappy ones, too), and you can order it online from Amazon.com.



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