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Friends and Family

Terri Osborne is not only my sweetie and the love of my life, she's also an immensely talented costumer, a darn good writer, a very good editor (she reads all my stuff before I send it out and makes it much better), and a generally all-around nifty person with
a spiffy web site full of stuff. Go check it out. (Terri also maintains my fan club.)

Both my parents have web pages. First of all, my Mom is Blue Roses Editorial & Web Consulting, and her home page has all kinds of neat stuff, including her incredibly brilliant speech, "Ten Graces for New Librarians," which was originally a commencement speech for the School of Information Science & Policy, SUNY-Albany. My Dad also has his own homepage, elegantly titled "Robert DeCandido's Home Page," which also has nifty things, many related to his job as a digitizing specialist -- and a poem he wrote for me when I was four-and-a-half. (Yes, you too can see how mushy he used to get!)

She is one of my best friends and an esteemed colleague ... she's the Executive Editor of Roc Books and the co-editor with me of the anthology OtherWere: Stories of Transformation (and, parenthetically, one of the most insightful and talented editors I've ever worked with) ... she's the author of a bunch of really spiffy short stories ... she's an all-around wonderful person, even if she doesn't think percussionists are real musicians ... she's Laura Anne Gilman, and she now has her own home page.

Two of my best friends are John Stephen Drew and Orenthal Vance Hawkins. Both proud members with me (and others) of the Geek Patrol, a covert group of science fiction fans who used to work on The Chronic Rift (John was actually the creator of that show), they are also generally nifty people whom I got to immortalize in the Marvel novels as NYPD cops, in my Doctor Who story as two different NYPD cops, and in my Star Trek eBooks as security guards. See them at Anything and Everything DREWSHI and Pop Fiendish.

I spent a year working under John Gregory Betancourt as Associate Editor to John's Senior Editor. I can say without exaggerating too much that I learned more about editing in that year than in all the three years of professional editing and three years of college editing I did prior to it. And I think I improved immensely as a writer after collaborating with John on "An Evening in the Bronx with Venom" for The Ultimate Spider-Man. John has since moved on to run the Wildside Press and write full-time. The least I can do is link to Wildside's page...

Two of my former bandmates in the now-defunct Don't Quit Your Day Job Players have their own web pages: David M. Honigsberg's has stuff on writing, music, rabbinical studies, travel, etc. Steven L. Rosenhaus's covers all aspects of his music, not just his rock/folk/blues solo work, but also his classical composing, his teaching, and his work in the musical theatre.

I'm in a writers group called CITH, which stands for "Circles in the Hair" -- also the title of one of the members' short stories. The group has been going for a decade -- rare in the volatile world of writers groups -- and I can safely say that they've made many of my works infinitely better than they would've been otherwise. CITH has its own web page, which will tell you less than you want to know about us. Many CITHians have their own pages including (deep breath): Linda Addison, Amy Benesch, Alexa deMonterice, Marina Frants, Gerard Daniel Houarner, Faith L. Justice, and Natalia Lincoln. Other CITHlinks of note include Space & Time magazine (which is entirely run by CITH folk, including editor-in-chief/publisher Gordon Linzner), and Natalia's excellent Goth band Unto Ashes -- I'm not much into Goth music, but these guys are good.

NEW David Mack is a filmmaker, as well as a screenwriter and author (he and I have collaborated on a couple of projects). He is one of my best friends and, just for the record, he is not the same guy who does the Kabuki comic book. Find out all about his filmmaking endeavors at the web page for his production company, Infinity Dog, and do also check out his sick brainchild, Technical Virgin.

Greg McElhatton is the author of a bunch of short stories, and also one of the members of the fanfic collective that I've written fanfic with on Genie's Comics RT. Greg naturally has his own homepage, and it is full of nifty stuff.

Cory!! Strode describes himself as the Best-Dressed Man in Comics. While I've known Cory!! for years through online discourse, I've never met the man, so I have no idea how well he actually dresses. Besides being an all-around swell guy, Cory!! does the "Weekly News Update," which is the funniest commentary on current events you'll ever see. Cory!! also has the best rant on the Clinton impeachment lunacy I've seen. It's all on the Solitaire Rose web page, and you should go there right now or Cory!! will shoot the bunny. (He'll do it, man! He'll do it!)

Skiffy & Comics Stuff

NEW The community of Star Trek authors is a very close-knit and silly one, and many of us have our own web pages: Peter David, Dave Galanter, Christie Golden, Andy Mangels, Lawrence M. Schoen, Josepha Sherman, Susan Shwartz, and Dayton Ward.

Other authors who are both buddies of mine and have their own pages: eluki bes shahar (aka Rosemary Edghill), Michael Burstein, Debra Doyle & James Macdonald, Diane Duane & Peter Morwood, Doranna Durgin, Doris Egan (aka Jane Emerson), Lynn Flewelling, Esther M. Friesner, Christopher Golden, James A. Hartley, Peter J. Heck, Connie Hirsch, Tina Jens, Katherine Lawrence, Chuck Rothman, Ian Randal Strock, Lawrence Watt-Evans, and Martha Wells.

Most SF publishers have their own home pages -- surprise! surprise! -- and I particularly recommend Penguin Putnam Inc. Online (who published OtherWere and Venom's Wrath), Simon & Schuster (publishers of Buffy, Young Hercules, and Star Trek fiction), Tor SF and Fantasy (publishers of Farscape and Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda fiction), and Baen Books (publishers of Urban Nightmares).

The two best genre bookstores I've ever been in are San Diego's Mysterious Galaxy and Cambridge's Pandemonium Books & Games. I've done signings at both stores, they're both really really excellent, they're run by wonderful people (Maryelizabeth Hart and Jeff Mariotte run the former, H. Tyler Stewart the latter), and their respective web sites are definitely worth checking out. I also strongly recommend the online bookstore

Two of the biggest lists of science fiction author links are at and the Wildside Press. If an author has a web page, chances are it's linked on one of these two lists.

NEW Several conventions that I frequent have their own sites, including Albacon, Arisia, Boskone, Comic-Con International, Con*Cept, Dragon*Con, Lunacon, NECON, Philcon, and Shore Leave, as well as the annual World Science Fiction Convention and World Fantasy Convention.

NEW Comics-themed pages tend to be pretty sad and pathetic, but there are some decent ones out there, particularly these Marvel Comics-themed ones: the Spider-Man Home Page, Spider-Man's Crawl Space, The Star-Spangled Site (which focuses on Captain America), and Avengers Assemble!

The amazing Jeanne Burch is responsible for three magnificent Marvel Comics-based sites: The Women of Marvel Comics -- which shows just how many cool women there are in the Marvel Universe (even if the creators don't always do right by them) -- the Villains of Marvel Comics -- which spotlights the bad guys -- and the latest, the Attack of the Second-Stringers -- which is full of facts about the more obscure heroes and villains like Razorback, Power Man, the Gargoyle, etc.

NEW I'm currently on an Avengers mailing list. Various folks on the list have their own pages, including Kell Carpenter, Jon Graby, Lonni Holland, Scott Harris, Michael McClelland, Van Plexico, Danny Wall, and John Warren. Go and see what hardcore Avengers fans do in their spare time...

There are three nifty Star Trek sites out there worth frequenting. The best by far is Psi Phi, which is dedicated to general info about the shows, but whose best feature is an amazingly comprehensive guide to the various Trek books published by Pocket Books and others. They also have some nifty bulletin boards to which I contribute regularly: one for the Trek books (and comics), one for Deep Space Nine and one for the New Frontier novels. Also recommended, though not nearly as highly, are the bulletin board Simon & Schuster runs for the Trek novels, and the fan-run joint sites the Trek BBS -- which includes a bulletin board for Trek literature that I also contribute to -- and Trek Today -- which has daily Trek news updates.

Michelle Erica Green has been writing and reviewing for genre magazines and web sites for many years, and she is a fine critic and a very good interviewer. She's archived most of her reviews and columns and interviews and things at Get Critical.

There are large numbers of Highlander-related sites out there, and I wanted to recommend one in particular: Astro Chick's Denial Page, run by the delightful Kristine Larsen, is the headquarters of Clan Denial, the folks who refuse to accept that the Richie Ryan character was stupidly murdered in the HL episode "Archangel." The site has some hilarious essays and is definitely worth checking out even if you aren't part of the clan.

The Prydonians of Prynceton are a nifty club of media SF fans -- they started out as a Doctor Who-focused group, but they've expanded their focus with the proliferation of genre stuff on TV. I'm a member, and have spoken at their meetings several times. Their web site is also worth checking out...

Elsewhere on this site is a page full of fanfiction that Marina Frants and I have written in the milieus of the Highlander, Hercules, and Xena TV shows. If you want to see some more excellent fanfic, here are four sites you absolutely must check out: The first is Voices, a webzine that describes itself as "A Fanfiction Anthology with Stories Inspired by the Characters in Highlander, the TV Series." One of my pieces o' fanfic is on this site, and there's also an interview with me. The second is Chimera, which has Herc/Xena fiction and Buffy the Vampire Slayer fiction, as well as the classic work-in-progress "When Hellmouths Collide," which is a crossover between the two, and is not to be missed. Go to the site, read the story so far, then e-mail the authors and harass them to finish it. Moving on, we have The Iolausian Library, which is an ever-growing archive of stories that focus on Hercules's much more interesting sidekick (among them, Marina's and my "Methos Chronicles" crossover stories). And finally, there's Parda's Highlander Fanfiction, which has some of the best HL I've ever read -- she even manages the nigh-impossible task of making the Cassandra character interesting.

There are about eight gajillion Buffy the Vampire Slayer sites. Listing them all would be impossible -- and unnecessary, as the best of them can very easily be found on Sonja Marie's Buffy the Vampire Slayer Links Page. This is a well organized and stunningly comprehensive list of the seemingly infinite Buffy sites out there. One site that I will mention specifically: The Watcher's Web, an excellent British site that has news, interviews (including one with me), reviews (including one of The Xander Years), and all kinds of views on one of the best shows on TV.

Baseball Been Bery Bery Good to Me

It began as an antidote to the baseball strike in 1994, but it's grown into a phenomenon. You should definitely check out the home page of The Double-Breasted Fedoras, the World Champion Virtual Baseball team, for which I am a utility player.

If you've been reading the Bleacher Creature Feature archives on this site, you know what a fan I am of the New York Yankees. For everything you need to know about the best team in baseball (winners of twenty-six world championships, including the last three and four of the last five), check out the Official New York Yankees Web Site.

In terms of finding out about the game in general, maintains a fine subsection on baseball, including scores, news, updates, GameCast, and excellent columnists Jim Baker, Jayson Stark, Jim Caple, Bob Klapisch, and especially the magnificent Rob Neyer (who also has his own web site). In terms of dissection of the game, nobody is better than Baseball Prospectus, which has by far the best analysis of the game anywhere. (You should buy their book, also, which is the best baseball reference tool available. Put it this way: they predicted that the Mets would fall apart in 2001.)


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