Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Prophecy and Change
"Prophecy and Change has a lot to recommend it, whether your tastes run to Bajoran religion, Cardassian intrigue, or Ferengi romance. It's well worth picking up."
---Tim Lynch, TV Zone #171

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Prophecy and Change

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Prophecy and Change, art by Cliff Nielsen

edited by Marco Palmieri

an anthology on sale now from Pocket Books

The year 2003 marks the tenth anniversary of the debut of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and this momentous occasion has been celebrated in a number of ways. For one thing, the series is being released on DVD. In addition, Pocket Books is putting out several nifty new books: a paperback reissue of the anthology The Lives of Dax, the paperback novels Rising Son by S.D. Perry (telling the story of what Jake Sisko has been up to since disappearing at the end of Avatar Book 2), The Left Hand of Destiny Book 1 and Book 2 by J.G. Hertzler & Jeffrey Lang (telling the story of Chancellor Martok consolidating his power in the Klingon Empire, coauthored by the actor who played Martok), and the first DS9 hardcover in eight years, Unity by S.D. Perry.

Plus, this commemorative anthology. Primarily featuring tales set during the seven-year run of the TV series, Prophecy and Change includes ten stories put together by editor Marco Palmieri (the man responsible for overseeing the post-finale DS9 novels, as well as the Section 31 and Lost Era miniseries).

"I know that sometime in the future I will want to revisit this collection and it will be interesting to see if my favorites during my first read through this volume, 'Broken Oaths,' 'Foundlings,' 'Face Value,' 'Ha'mara,' 'Three Sides to Every Story,' and 'The Orb of Opportunity,' provide the same level of pleasure when read for a second or third time. But that is ultimately what I enjoy most about reading a great anthology and I believe Prophecy and Change fits the description it stays on the shelf for a period of time but eventually you find yourself wanting to revisit old favorites. Deep Space Nine fans definitely won't want to miss this collection."
---Jacqueline Bundy, "The Book Padd," TrekToday
The table of contents:

The stories are in chronological order. My story involves Bashir and O'Brien during the show's fourth season. Terri's involves Jake Sisko and Tora Ziyal and takes place during the early sixth season's occupation arc. Andy Robinson's takes place after the show's end, and is actually a follow-up to his acclaimed novel A Stitch in Time.

"Keith DeCandido's 'Broken Oaths' is a definite winner, and it shows that he is just as versatile with Federation characters as he is with his strongest forte, the Klingons. There is an uneasiness that permeates through the story and he effectively reveals through Bashir and O'Brien that what needs to be said is sometimes the hardest thing to say, especially when both parties involved feel that they are right."
---Bill Williams, "Prophecy and Change Anthology Takes Us Back to DS9 with Varied Stories,"
The book is available from the good folks at or at your local bookstore.

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