Star Trek: The Next Generation: Perchance to Dream
"Writer Keith R.A. DeCandido turns a Keith Laumer-esque eye on interplanetary diplomacy, with a series that explores moral quandaries and ethical dilemmas -- the same sort of exploration that has made the Star Trek franchise so enduring. ... It's like welcoming back an old friend who's been gone too long."
---"CSN Hot Picks! -- December," Comic Shop News #649, 24 November 1999

the covers to Perchance to Dream #1 and #3, illustrated by Tim Bradstreet

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Perchance to Dream

written by Keith R.A. DeCandido

illustrated by Peter Pachoumis & Lucian Rizzo, with Scott Benefiel
lettered by Ryan Cline, Robbie Robbins, & Naghmen Zand; colored by WildStorm FX

a four-issue comic book miniseries from WildStorm Productions
collected in the trade paperback Enemy Unseen, on sale now

The year is 1999. I have recently been contracted to write my first Trek novel, Diplomatic Implausibility. And I learn that WildStorm Productions is doing a new line of Trek comic books. The editor at WildStorm happens to be a friend of mine, Jeff Mariotte (I edited his first novel, Gen13: Netherwar, written with Christopher Golden). So I pitch Jeff a few stories.

Next thing you know, Perchance to Dream is born.

"DeCandido captures what a good Star Trek story should... an interesting plot and an intriguing exploration of 20th century social issues through an alien culture."
---Randy Lander, "Snap Judgments," psyComic

The story -- which takes place between "All Good Things..." (the final TNG TV episode) and Star Trek Generations (the seventh feature film) -- sees the U.S.S. Enterprise travelling to Damiano, a planet where the animal life has three genders, to attend the inauguration of their new planetary governor. But things get complicated when it's revealed that the governor only sleeps with one person instead of the traditional two. A moral minority has made death threats, so the Enterprise folk must provide extra security to prevent an assassination attempt -- and they succeed a little too well to suit the moralists.

Things get worse from there, as things will do, and the Enterprise crew find themselves confronting their own past failures thanks to a vicious telepathic weapon.

the cover to Perchance to Dream #4, illustrated by Tim Bradstreet

"Characterization-wise, DeCandido has the crew down pat. In my mind's eye, I could hear each one speaking in the respective actor's voice."
---Jim Zimmerman, Trek Nation

Perchance to Dream -- besides being my first-ever comics work, which is quite a thrill right there -- is my opporutnity to do some things I always wanted to see. Worf, in seven years on television, never really got to act like a competent security chief -- tactical officer, yes, but the only times we saw him in a security capacity, he failed. Data acquired his dream program late in the series, and I always thought there was potential there that they never got a chance to play out. And Picard has three other personalities roaming around in his head -- Sarek, from the mind-meld in "Sarek," Kamin, the man whose life he led for several subjective decades in "The Inner Light," and Locutus, the personality superimposed on him by the Borg in "The Best of Both Worlds" -- and he has to confront those inner voices in the final issue.

"Despite having very little interest in Star Trek in the last few years, I found this to be an intriguing story, done in a consistent way with the television show, making me think that Trek fans will be a lot happier with the direction Wildstorm is taking with the franchise."
---Edward Douglas, rec.arts.comics.misc

I also got the chance to work with a damn fine artist in Peter Pachoumis. Pete's comics credits are few so far -- a couple of Classics Illustrateds for Acclaim, the Hourman story in DC's All-Star 80-Page Giant #1, some covers for Marvel's last shot at Trek comics -- but I suspect that this miniseries will put him on the map. He's a fine storyteller with a good feel for layout, facial expressions, and body language -- rare skills in these times of flashy comics artists who tend to draw people with shoulders bigger than their heads and few facial expressions beyond grimacing.

"I liked Perchance to Dream, as it's an effort to revisit the glory days of The Next Generation. ... [DeCandido] accurately captures the spirit of Star Trek within the comic book medium."
---Adam Frey, 4-Color Review, 6 November 1999

Perchance to Dream might still be available in serial form at your local comic shop, but in the likely event that you can't find it, DC/WildStorm has also released a trade paperback called Enemy Unseen, available through the good folks at, which not only includes this story, but also two other TNG comics tales: Embrace the Wolf by Christopher Golden, Tom Sniegoski, and Dave Hoover (a sequel to the TOS episode "Wolf in the Fold") and The Killing Shadows by Scott Ciencin and Andrew Currie (featuring the TNG crew pitted against the mysterious Bodai Shin). For you German readers, the series has been collected into a German-language trade paperback by Dino Comics, which you can order from the good folks at

If you want to see more artwork from the series, check out the covers & other artwork page.

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