Pictures of Keith R.A. DeCandido from 1997-2000

Click on the picture to see a larger version of it. Pictures are copyright © each of the respective credited photographers or artists and may not be reproduced without permission.
Keith and Greg Cox at the SFWA Authors/Editors Reception in New York in November 2000. That's Mike Marano and David M. Honigsberg in the background. Photo by Ernest Lilley. Keith and Greg Cox
Keith speaking before the Prydonians of Prynceton in New Brunswick, New Jersey in March 2000. Photo by Tom Beck. Keith giving a talk
Keith at the Tor party at Boskone 37 in February 2000. Photo by Ernest Lilley.
Keith in a tree in the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia in August 1999. This is Keith's official bio photo. Photo by Marina Frants. Keith in a tree
Keith on the ferry to the Sydney zoo in August 1999. Photo by Marina Frants. Keith on a boat
Christopher Golden, Peter David, and Keith at Dragon*Con in Atlanta in July 1999. No, we don't know what Peter's gesturing about. Photo by Eric L. Watts. Christopher Golden, Peter David, & Keith
Keith and Robert Greenberger at the SFWA Authors/Editors Reception in New York in November 1998. Photo by Ernest Lilley. Keith and Robert Greenberger
Keith in a GQ pose at the World Fantasy Convention in London, October 1997. Photo by Kenne Estes. Keith in a GQ pose
Keith at Comic-Con International in San Diego in July 1997. Photo (and cool touch-up work) by Kenne Estes. Keith at San Diego

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