Why Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Queen of the Slayers by Nancy Holder is Nifty-Keen

Pocket recently published Queen of the Slayers by Nancy Holder. This is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer novel that takes place following the show's final episode. I just finished reading it today.

Nancy did a fine job of covering all the bases, providing something that really felt like it could've been the Cliff Notes version of an eighth season, tied it all nicely into Angel's last season (even making some of the more idiotic creative decisions of that season make a bit more sense, not least of which was actually making the Immortal into an interesting character instead of a cheap gag in order to do The Slapstick Hour With Angel'n'Spike).

Best of all, she brought Whistler back! (I loooooved Whistler. That's the fedora'd demon from "Becoming." Max Perlich rocks...) Oh yeah, and Oz is back, too (and it ties in with Christopher Golden's Oz novel).

She even managed a good compromise between Spuffy and Bangel. Neat trick.

I think it suffered from a bit of redshirt syndrome -- all the Slayereenies we knew survived miraculously, and all the ones we didn't know/care about died without having any dialogue -- and Robin Wood kinda disappeared from the narrative without notice, but these are minor complaints.

I'm sure there are fangoobers giving her shit because what she wrote doesn't conform to their tunnel-visioned notions of What Buffy Is Really About You Idiot, Don't You Even Get It? Fuck 'em, says I. She had a lot to accomplish with this book, and managed all of it, even tying it into the apocalypse at the end of Angel.

[First posted in my LiveJournal on 2 July 2005.]


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