Ellen Kushner maintains an active schedule of lectures and is a popular speaker and m.c. She is also a member of AboutSF Speculation Speakers. To inquire about fees and available dates, write to:
To inquire about booking performances of Esther: the Feast of Masks, write to
To inquire about booking performances of The Golden Dreydl: a Klezmer Nutcracker with Ellen Kushner & Shirim Klezmer Orchestra, please write to Shirim's manager, Eric Rosenthal, at: or telephone 617.522.2900

Ellen also has two mailing lists -- one for the Boston area and one for the NYC area -- that you can join to be kept up to date on her public appearances in those cities only.


Ellen Kushner's Literary Representative for printed work, including foreign and film rights, is:

Christopher Schelling
Selectric Artists
56 Planetarium Station
New York, NY 10024-0056


Ellen writes:

I'm late on all my projects, I need a bloodhound to find the floor in my study, and my desk boasts a basket of letters from 5 years ago that I have yet to reply to.

So while I will certainly read incoming mail, I may not be able to send a personal reply to each one. However, if you give us permission, questions in your letter could be sporadically answered online in a forthcoming "Ask Ellen" section on the site, or on my LiveJournal blog. Write to:

(Note that letters to this edress may be read by my assistant, Katharine Duckett. This is good, because that way I don't lose things!)

Please indicate in your letter
• whether it's OK to print part or all of your letter on our site
• if so, how you'd like to be identified ("AJ from Ohio"? "Anonymous Donor"? …)
• and whether you'd like us to post your eddress for other readers to write to.


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