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Sound & Spirit

Ellen's award-winning radio series for Public Radio International is available for on-demand listening:

Interviews & Podcasts

Fantasy Magazine, April 2011: Ellen discusses her experience writing Choose Your Own Adventure books for young adults.

SUVUDU, July 2010: Ellen talks about naming The Privilege of the Sword.

SUVUDU June 2010: Ellen talks about her collaboration with Delia Sherman on The Fall of the Kings.

SF Signal, May 2010: Ellen talks about "The Children of Cadmus," her story in YA anthology The Beastly Bride.

PodCastle, May 2010: Listen to an audio version of Ellen's "The Children of Cadmus." Read by Eugie Foster.

Porter Square Books Blog, May 2010: Ellen answers a range of questions about her projects past, present and future.

Odyssey Workshop, April 2009: Ellen and Delia Sherman discuss the differences between writing novels and writing short stories.

SUVUDU, February 2009: Watch an interview with Ellen at New York Comic Con. Hosted by GoodReads.

Ezzulia, February 2009: Ellen answers some questions about herself, on the release of The Privilege of the Sword in the Netherlands as Het Privilege van het Zwaard. (This interview has been translated into Dutch.)

The Jewish Week, December 2008: Ellen talks about her new play, The Klezmer Nutcracker for Vital Theatre.

Daily Motion, October 2008: Watch a video of Ellen speaking with Anne Fakhouri about the French release of Swordspoint as A la Pointe de l'Epée.

Omnivoracious Interview, December 2007: Ellen talks with Jeff VanderMeer about The Golden Dreydl and how music influences her work. Interview, December 2007: Ellen on the history of The Golden Dreydl and turning a spoken word performance into a book kids would want to read.

Book Expo Interview, July 2007: An audio interview with Ellen about The Golden Dreydl. Interview, March 2007: Ellen discusses how The Privilege of the Sword works for teens and the ways in which it looks at family. Interview, December 2006: Ellen talks about The Privilege of the Sword, gender and sword fighting.
Bantam Spectra Author's Notes, August 2006: To mark the publication of The Privilege of the Sword, Ellen answers her publisher's questions about her writing process, food, travel, furniture and books she wishes she'd written.

Science Fiction Book Club Interview, August 2006: The Science Fiction Book Club has put out a special "omnibus" edition of Swordspoint, The Privilege of the Sword, and three linking short stories, called Swords of Riverside. SFBC's Edith Cohn talks with Ellen about the new novel and her career in writing and radio.
Interview, July 26, 2006: Author & blogger John Scalzi talks with Ellen about everything from the making of Sound & Spirit to the motives for Interstitial Arts to The Privilege of the Sword – which Scalzi calls "fantasy's answer to The Catcher in the Rye."

Jewsweek, July 2004: Ellen rants about myth, modernity, and bellbottoms.
The Lord of the Rings, Nov. 2002: Ellen discusses the making of the Sound & Spirit program, The Lord of the Rings.
Strange Horizons, Nov. 2002: Steve Berman asks Ellen about radio, performance, writing, and interstitial fiction.
The Jewish Week, December 2001: A look at how and why Ellen and the Shirim Klezmer Orchestra created The Golden Dreydl: A Klezmer Nutcracker.

Panel at MIT, Dec. 1997: Ellen joins Sarah Zettel and MIT faculty Henry Jenkins and Joe Haldeman for a wide-ranging talk on Thomas the Rhymer, Sound & Spirit, storytelling, ballads, fantasy, race, and the Young Trollopes.

Esther: The Feast of Masks

Ellen's examination of what it means to put on a mask and to take one off is framed by the traditional Esther story. The Feast of Masks is a dramatic, musical presentation of the biblical story of Queen Esther, interleaved with contemporary stories of personal action in the face of age-old discrimination and oppression in modern society.

Esther: The Feast of Masks was recorded for Sound & Spirit, and the radio broadcast has received a 2004 Gracie Allen Award® from the Foundation of American Women in Radio and Television (AWRT).
Link directly to the radio version of Esther (on RealPlayer).

Esther was awarded a 2004 Gracie

Take a look behind the scenes at the making of Esther.
You can also book a live performance of Esther.


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