Winner of the

1991 Mythopoeic Fantasy Award

1991 World Fantasy Award

"... this romantic fantasy is a happy blend of discreet scholarship and literary style. ... Kushner creates a lavish microcosm where riddles and runes and magical transformations govern.
—Publisher's Weekly

"The author of Swordspoint brings the freshness of her storytelling talent to this ballad-inspired tale of a man's brush with immortality and its inescapable legacy. This graceful medieval fantasy is highly recommended and may have appeal to nongenre readers."
—Library Journal

“Elegant and cozy. Witty and wise. Innocent and sensuous and, at times, downright sexy. Kushner’s Thomas the Rhymer does it all.”
—Jane Yolen

“A perfectly splendid story, splendidly told with great style and originality.”
—Anne McCaffrey

"Thomas the Rhymer seeks to reclaim the transforming power of words and to teach modern readers to respect the magic of song and story-telling.”
—Prof. Henry Jenkins, Dir. of Media Studies, MIT

“At once traditional and bold...Richly imagined scenes of Faerie, elegant and incongruous as the films of Cocteau.”