Ezzulia, February 2009: Ellen answers some questions about herself, on the release of The Privilege of the Sword in the Netherlands as Het Privilege van het Zwaard. (This interview has been translated into Dutch.)
Scifi.com Interview, March 2007: Ellen discusses how The Privilege of the Sword works for teens and the ways in which it looks at family.
Scifi.com Interview, December 2006: Ellen talks about The Privilege of the Sword, gender and sword fighting.
Bantam Spectra Author's Notes, August 2006: To mark the publication of The Privilege of the Sword, Ellen answers her publisher's questions about her writing process, food, travel, furniture and books she wishes she'd written.

Science Fiction Book Club Interview, August 2006: The Science Fiction Book Club has put out a special "omnibus" edition of Swordspoint, The Privilege of the Sword, and three linking short stories, called Swords of Riverside. SFBC's Edith Cohn talks with Ellen about the new novel and her career in writing and radio.
Interview, July 26, 2006: Author & blogger John Scalzi talks with Ellen about everything from the making of Sound & Spirit to the motives for Interstitial Arts to The Privilege of the Sword – which Scalzi calls "fantasy's answer to The Catcher in the Rye."