"The Privilege of the Sword becomes the sort of story I longed to read in my own teenage years, and still feel energised by as an adult. It is the story of a heroine who not only does not need to be rescued by a man, but who sallies forth to stand up for other girls. One who, in the course of her coming-of-age, fights with swords, uses her head, helps her friends, stands up to unjust authority, makes mistakes and learns from them—and, in so doing, finds new ways to be a woman."
- Nic Clarke, Strange Horizons

"Plot and style hereare in the swashbuckling tradition of Dumas, but the characters are very real beneath their facades, people who bleed when they are cut, even when manners require that they make nothing of it."
- Frieda Murray, Booklist

"If Swordspoint is a perfect gem, The Privilege of the Sword is the gem in its full setting: elegant, wicked, funny, intelligent, and fluent."
- Robert M. Tilendis, The Green Man Review

"Is The Privilege of the Sword as good as Swordspoint? The answer is: Pretty damned close! The prose is as beautifully wrought. The characterizations are as acutely complex. The swordfights are as thrilling. The insights into the swords(wo)man's mind are as rapier-sharp. And the words can be just as devastating."
- Cynthia Ward, Sci Fi Weekly

"The novel narrates Katherine’s development from a naïve teen to an adult sword fighter with a sophisticated understanding of how this fascinating world works."
- Bookmarks Magazine

"The plot -- a young girl is sold to her crazy, jet-black sheep of an uncle in order to be trained as a swordsperson, which is something that is just not done in this nebulous place and time -- has a well-stoked engine that keeps it humming along ... Kushner’s prose is rich with embroidered details...."
- Adrienne Martini, Bookslut