Delia Sherman’s newest novel, The Freedom Maze, has earned recognition and acclaim from a wide range of prominent sources. Read reviews, interviews, and guest blogs from Sherman here.


Winner, Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy, SFWA Winner, Prometheus Award, LFSBest Children’s Books of 2011, Kirkus Reviews2011 Tiptree Award Honor List  • Nominee, Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Children’s Literature

Praise for The Freedom Maze

“Multilayered, compassionate and thought-provoking,
a timely read on the sesquicentennial of America’s Civil War.”
Kirkus Reviews (*full starred review)

“A clear-hearted, magically immersive time travel story. Thrown back through time to an antebellum plantation, a thirteen-year-old comes to understand how women’s experience is shaped by cultural expectations as they interweave with social, economic, and racial truths."”
 —James Tiptree, Jr. Literary Award Council

“A wonderful, ambitious book...Books like The Freedom Maze remind us that it's a radical act to remember—or imagine—the past, which is all history is, and why it's so essential.”
—Kelly Cogswell, Huffington Post

“One of the most engaging and challenging novels of the year, filled with magic and truth.”
—Brit Mandelo,

“Subtle, nuanced, uncomfortable and brave.”
—Cory Doctorow, BoingBoing

See a full list of reviews from The Horn Book Magazine, Fantasy Matters, and many more.

Interviews & Podcasts

“An Interview with Delia Sherman,” Fantasy Matters
For Sherman, the evocation of period and place is in the details. In this interview, she recalls the pleasures and difficulties of unearthing facts like what slaves in Louisiana ate, how sugar was made in 1860, and what constituted “whiteness” in the antebellum South.

“EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Delia Sherman on The Freedom Maze,” SF Signal
Blogger Charles Tan and Sherman talk creative inspiration, the creation of heroine and antagonists, and Sherman’s exhaustive research process for The Freedom Maze.

“Interview with Delia Sherman, Author of The Freedom Maze,” Potomac Review
Sherman discusses how to write realistically and sensitively about life on the plantation, her love for modern-day Louisiana, and bringing The Freedom Maze to the printed page.

“Interview with Delia Sherman,” Rambling On
Sherman tells author Anthony R. Cardno why she couldn’t have written The Freedom Maze eighteen years ago and the peculiar obstacles involved in writing historical fiction for young adults.

Small Beer Podcasts: Delia Sherman and The Freedom Maze
Julie Day of Small Beer Press interviews Sherman, with an excerpt from the book.

Guest Blogs

Diversity in YA Fiction, “Delia Sherman on The Freedom Maze
In The Freedom Maze, Sherman sets out to demystify the idea of “difference” that leads to prejudice and oppression, while telling an exciting, engaging story for young adults. Here she explores that process, and how the foundations of the Freedom Maze led here to write a nuanced portrait of one girl’s struggles and revelations regarding the issue of race.

John Scalzi’s Whatever, “The Big Idea: Delia Sherman”
Sherman details the process of researching, writing, and creating the vividly realized historical characters and settings in The Freedom Maze.

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