Selected Rules from
Miss Van Loon’s Big Book of Rules

Rule 1: Students must never fight or quarrel among themselves.
Rule 2: Folk are not allowed to set foot inside Miss Van Loon’s, not even fairy godparents.
Rule 3: Students must never speak of what happens inside the walls of Miss Van Loon’s to any supernatural being whatsoever, including their fairy godparents.
Rule 4: Students must never visit one another’s neighborhoods without permission of all relevant Geniuses, the Schooljuffrouw, and a Native Guide.
Rule 10: Students must not complain about the Rules.
Rule 12: Students must not challenge, dare, or encourage one another in dangerous or rule-breaking pursuits.
Rule 46: Students must attend all school rituals.
Rule 50: Students must be exactly on time to all lessons.
Rule 76: Students must never run upstairs two steps at a time.  One step is usual.  Three is acceptable.  If they are seen taking four, they must report to the Talisman Room to have their shoes checked for unauthorized spells.
Rule 97: Students must not allow their tempers to overcome their common sense.
Rule 98: Students must never laugh at another mortal’s tears.
Rule 103: Students must not use any magic talisman without supervision.
Rule 125: Students must treat one another as they would wish to be treated themselves.
Rule 160: Students must not bully, intimidate, tease or otherwise provoke other students.
Rule 165: Students must never curse, ill-wish, or use strong language in the presence of another mortal.
Rule 208: Students must give their fellow mortals aid if asked, including, but not limited to, advice, helpful facts, cups of tea, and useful talismans and articles of clothing, such as cloaks, boots, woolly hats, and umbrellas.
Rule 242: Students must not play with their hair.
Rule 305: Students must not wear glamours or alter their appearances magically.
Rule 306: Students must not carry or use magic talismans without written permission from their Neighborhood Genius.
Rule 386: Students must be polite at all times.
Rule 400: Students must not make bargains with supernatural beings without permission.
Rule 600: Students must not spread rumors.
Rule 653: Students must not involve themselves in inter-Folk conflicts without a tutor’s supervision.
Rule 968: Students must pay attention at all times.
Rule O: ?????????