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Going Public

When the writer comes out of her cave...
(Interviews, public appearances, blogging, etc.)

(For a sample list of prepared workshops that
Laura offers, click here or page down.)
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Upcoming Appearances

Context 27
Columbus, Ohio
September 26-28, 2014

I'll be there Sept 27-28 and will participate in programming.



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Guest Blogging




*11-05-09: Who Writes the Book?
*11-13-09: Will You Read My Manuscript?
*11-16-09: How Many Books?
*12-18-09: A Christmas Fable
*12-28-09: Resolutions
*01-05-09: The Book Idea
*01-15-09: Perseverance
*01-29-09: 10 Great Books
*02-12-10: The Agent-Author Biz Model
*03-01-10: On Collaboration
*03-25-10: The Things You Can Choose

*07-06-10: Fan Fiction
*09-24-10: My First Sale
*12-12-10: All In The Family
*10-10-11: Retreading Zombies & Vampires
*10-12-11: On Writing Humor
*10-31-11: Interview: The Real Laura Resnick
*Vamparazzi guest blogs (October 2011)
*12-10-11: Dodging the Agent Bullet
* 10-09-12: Agent-Free
* 10-25-12: Esther Diamond
* 11-06-12: Polterheist
* 03-06-13: Overcoming Writing Obstacles




SF Signal did a podcast interview with Laura at Chicon 7, the 70th World Science Fiction Convention. (You can also find it on iTunes under SF Signal podcast #158.)

August 2012

The Qwillery
Blog interview with Laura
June 15, 2012

April 23, 2012

Open Book Society

Interview with Laura Resnick

Patrick Hester interviewed Laura on the SF Signal Podcast, where they talked about Esther Diamond, writing really lonnnng fantasy novels, and eating Cincinnati chili.

(You can look them up in iTunes. It's episode # 062.)


June 30, 2011

January 2011


Adventures In SciFi Publishing

Moses Siregar conducted this audio interview with Laura (about a half hour long) at the World Fantasy Convention. It's also available as an iTunes podcast.






June 17, 2007
WVXU, 91.7 FM

Click on the radio to hear the archived interview that Laura and her dad, science fiction writer Mike Resnick, did with host Frank Johnson.




Public Speaking


An experienced public speaker, Laura Resnick has given talks, taught workshops, and participated in discussion panels at such venues as the Tennessee Williams Festival, the Yukon Writers Retreat, Northern Kentucky University, the World Science Fiction Convention, the Central Ohio Fiction Writers, the Cincinnati Writers Project, Clinton Community College, the Ohio Valley Romance Writers, the Vancouver Romance Writers, Novelists Inc., the Pikes Peak Writers Group, Con*Stellation, and the Space Coast Writers Conference.

Laura regularly speaks on a variety of writing-related subjects. Her speaking fees are negotiable, depending on the engagement. If you're you're considering inviting Laura to speak at your event and would like more information, email her.

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“I can’t tell you how many people came up to me afterwards to tell me how much they enjoyed Laura's presentations and what a wonderful speaker she was. This lady has penetrating insight into both how story works and how the industry works."

                                                   —Sue Ferris, Conference Chair, Write on Vancouver 2010


For groups seeking a prepared workshop, Laura offers:

Twenty Questions

Offered as a one-hour or 90-minute session


Novelist, short story writer, and columnist author Laura Resnick addresses questions often asked (as well as those which should be asked) by aspiring writers about breaking into publishing, from queries and submissions, through common contractual clauses. Laura provides a handout of key questions, and attendees are encouraged to pose their own questions.


Working Without An Agent

Offered as a one-hour or 90-minute session


Having worked professionally as a writer for more than twenty years, without an agent and also with multiple agents, author Laura Resnick discusses why she no longer works with literary agents and how you can proceed in your career without one.


"Laura Resnick was a wonderful speaker, funny, intelligent and chock full of useful info. I'm still making notes today as I recall important pieces of her advice."
 —Nora Snowdon, Write on Vancouver 2010

Rejection, Romance, and Royalties

Offered as a one-hour or 90-minute session

Inspired by Laura's popular non-fiction book of the same title, this workshop, which is more advanced than the Twenty Questions session, is aimed primarily at professional writers (or at an audience interested in the challenges of mid-career writers). The topics (outlined in a handout) include being orphaned at your publisher, surviving bad editors, dealing with production and packaging, overcoming creative burnout, and resurrecting a damaged career. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions and to introduce discussion topics that interest them

Story Development

Offered as a 90-minute or two-hour session

Hammer Saw

Once you have a story idea... what do you do next? This lively, interactive session examines some principles and practices for developing, constructing, revising, and fine-tuning a story from a basic idea. Together, Laura Resnick and attendees explore different ways in which premises lead to plots, themes, characters, and plot reversals, as well as the ways in which rejections and revision letters send the writer back to the drawing board to try again. This session works well for a variety of groups, genres, and venues.

Required equipment: A writing surface (as well as writing implements and erasers) that can be easily seen by all attendees, such as a dry-erase board or chalkboard

"Laura was a tremendous asset to our creative writing conference. She engaged the participants and helped them understand the elements of story development. We received numerous compliments on her workshops from emerging and experienced authors, across many genres. They appreciated her use of pertinent examples and particularly enjoyed her great sense of humor!"
—Marcelle Dubé and Barb Dunlop, Organizers: 2005 Northern Writers Retreat

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If you'd like to invite Laura to speak,
send her an EMAIL.