Map of Sileria

When preparing the ebook editions of the Silerian trilogy, I commissioned two new maps from my honorary niece, Elizabeth Person—and (as expected) I was delighted with the results.

Some of the details which I particularly like in this map are: the dragonfish peeking out of the Middle Sea; the way a stahra and a yahr are incorporated into the directional marker; using Tansen's swords and their respective mottos to decorate the map; and using a jashar as the map's border.

Elizabeth (who takes after her mother in her attention to detail) took the border an extra step by creating a code for the beaded portion of the jashar, and then incorporating a message into it—precisely as information is encoded in beaded-and-woven belts, headdresses, and messages among Silerians.

The key to the code is here below. And you can check the answer by clicking here (or by scrolling to the very bottom of this page).

Map of Sirkara

This is the other map I asked Elizabeth to do—Sirkara, the nations of the Middle Sea. As I mentioned in the Author's Note of the ebook edition of In Legend Born, one of my favorite things in this map is the Sign of the Three hovering over Valda—because prior to Elizabeth creating it for this map, I had no idea what it looked like (despite mentioning it many times in these books)!

I love how exotic and eclectic the Palace of Heaven looks here. Another of  the details I particularly like is the way a shir is included in the design of the directional marker.

Devices for ebooks are improving rapidly, so many readers may be able to get a really good look at these maps on their e-readers. But for those of you who, like me, have a black-and-white device with a small screen, I'm glad you stopped by this page to see these splendid maps in color and in detail!

What does the jashar around the map of Sileria say?

So die all who betray Josarian.

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