Epilogue: July 24, 2006



As I write this, the situation in the Middle East has grown much worse during the brief time since my departure from Jerusalem. Violent conflict rages between Israel and Gaza, and Israel has entered a full-scale war with Hezbollah in Lebanon. There are military and civilian casualties among Israelis, evacuations of some civilian areas in northern Israel, and bombings in Haifa, Israel's third largest city. There is a much larger toll of civilian casualities in Lebanon, and a massive refugee crisis has quickly developed as hundreds of thousands of people in Lebanon flee the violence.

I keep track of the journalists I knew in Jerusalem by following their articles. I have been in touch via email with other people I know in Israel, and so far they're all fine and bearing the escalating crisis with level-headed fortitude.

The Middle Eastern sand shifts constantly. Already, so soon after my departure from Israel, the situation has changed drastically (again) and everything I learned there is now only yesterday's expired lesson.

Back home in the USA
July 24, 2006