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Autumn 2013


Esther Diamond

I've signed a deal with DAW Books for four more Esther Diamond novels!

So I'm currently at work on Esther's 7th misadventure, Abracadaver, to be released in 2014.

Meanwhile, next Esther Diamond novel (#6), The Misfortune Cookie, goes on sale November 5, 2013.


New website coming soon!

Yes, I've said this before, but this time I Really Mean It. The software for this site is so old that I've had to go through some absurd contortions to do this Oct/2013 update—so this will probably be my final update with it. I'm working on getting a new site constructed and launched by the end of the year. It'll be at the same URL, as far as I know, so the only difference at your end is that one day you'll visit LauraResnick.com—and everything will look NEW and UPDATED!


New Short Fiction

I've had three new short stories released this year, "Your Name Here," in the Fiction River anthology, How To Save the World (ed. John Helfers); "No Place Like Home" in When Dreams Come True (ed.Brittiany Koren) from Written Dream; and "Fabian's Wake" in I Never Thought I'd See You Again, an anthology edited by Lou Aronica of the Fiction Studio.

I've also committed to write a story for a 2014 anthology called Assassins, Rogues, & Thieves. And some guy named Mike Resnick has commissioned a story from me for a successful new e-magazine he's editing called Galaxy's Edge.

ILB cover


The Silerian Trilogy

In Legend Born,The White Dragon, and The Destroyer Goddess are available as ebooks. These ebook editions of this epic fantasy trilogy include a lot of new material: maps, directories of characters and places, a glossary, and Author's Notes.

Large versions of the trilogy's two new color maps are posted on this site, along with the key to the coded message that's included in the Sileria map's border.



DN cover


More Esther Diamond

Disappearing Nightly, the first Esther Diamond novel, was reissued by DAW Books in June 2012. If you've been unable to find the original edition of this novel (which was released by a different publisher several years ago and went out-of-print quickly), now you can finally read how Esther, Max, and Lopez all met.
Wilder cover

Romance eBooks

I started my career by writing a dozen romance novels for Silhouette Books, and these are now available as ebooks. For more information, go to the Romance Novels page.

Hom Hon cover

Free Short Story

I've added a new free short story to this site, "Homicidal Honeymoon," a romantic-comedy which was first published in Murder Most Romantic (ed. Denise Little & Martin H. Greenberg, Cumberland House, 2001).

I've also made this story available as a FREE! ebook which you can find at various online bookstores. The ebook includes excerpts from Disappearing Nightly (Resnick), A Wilder Name (Leone), and Fallen From Grace (Leone).


I write a monthly opinion, "The Mad Scribbler," for Nink, the monthly journal of Novelists, Inc., an international organization of professional novelists. For a free downloadable sample copy of Nink, including my column, go to the home page of Ninc.com.