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The Purifying Fire
(Wizards of the Coast)

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Based on the character of Chandra Nalaar in the the popular fantasy card game Magic: The Gathering, from Wizards of the Coast, this novel begins where Chandra's first webzine adventure (see Part I, Part II, and Part III) ends.


"Award-winning author Laura Resnick brings readers into the adventures of Chandra Nalaar, a young and impulsive mage on a collision course with destiny.

"Chandra Nalaar—fresh off an encounter in which the young pyromancer was able to show off some of her more enlightening talents to earn a place in a loose association of fire mages—still has a lot to prove...

"Especially to the hieromancers imposing their draconian law across the land. The Order’s ever-increasing influence is an affront to all that Chandra holds sacred: freedom, individuality, the right of self-determination, and most of all, the right to blow things up.

"A great mage once said that destruction is best left to a professional, and Chandra is proving to be world-class in the art of boom. Unfortunately, that notoriety is about to cause her a whole lot of trouble..."


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*A character that Laura created for this book has been developed into a gaming card and added to the game, Magic: The Gathering.

*Now there is a Manga version of the The Purifying Fire!


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Jones Soda has released a line of soft drinks based on the Planeswalkers of Magic: The Gathering... including the flavor "The Purifying Fire," which features Chandra Nalaar on the label.