Short Fiction


Highway To Heaven
Twelve Blasphemous Short Stories

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The Capo of Darkness

The blasphemy collection is here! Campbell Award winning fantasy author Laura Resnick takes on heaven, hell, salvation, eternity, and God Almighty in this volume containing twelve of her previously published short stories, including "Highway To Heaven," "No Room For the Unicorn," "The Capo of Darkness," "Confessional," "Jesus H. Christ," and "Creation: The Launch!" In Resnick's otherworldly collection, the Lord God commissions a wiseguy to clean up the road to salvation, the US army retrieves the Spear of Destiny from Nuremberg with the help of a mysterious operative, Professor Yahweh attempts to design Creation intelligently, and a Hollywood screenwriter seeks help from an archangel to dissolve his writer's block.


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Maybe You've Heard Of Me?
Fifteen Fantastical Tales of Famous Figures

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In this collection of fifteen of her previously published short stories, Campbell Award wining fantasy author Laura Resnick riffs on the fantastical misadventures of the famous and infamous, both human and otherwise. Robin Hood experiences supply and demand problems, Merlin the Magician tries to turn a recalcitrant musician into a war leader, a lonely boy meets the Loch Ness Monster, Ramses the Mediocre hires a spin wizard to turn him into Ramses the Great, King Arthur looks for meaning in his life as he faces his death, the world's most famous consulting detective assists a bloodsucking client who wants to be immortalized by an Irish novelist, and Santa tries to find work in a tropical clime for the abominable snowman.


How to Save the World
June 2013, Fiction River
ed. John Helfers

Laura's story:
"Your Name here "

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"A subject matter so difficult some of the best writers in the field refused to write about it. They believe no one can save the world. But David Gerrold, William H. Keith, Dean Wesley Smith, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, and Laura Resnick headline this science fiction anthology about a brighter future, one in which our world survives and thrives."



When Dreams Come True
July 2013, Written Dreams
ed. Brittiany Koren

Laura's story:
"No Place Like Home "

Editor Brittiany Koren worked for years with my longtime friend and colleague, the late Martin H. Greenberg, for whom I wrote many short stories. For this anthology, she asked me for a fantasy story about achieving a dream. I had just completed the epic quest of buying my first home (where I have now been living for over a year)—which experience inspired the story I delivered to her.



I Never Thought I'd See You Again
July 2013, Fiction Studio Books
ed. Lou Aronica

Laura's story:
"Fabian's Wake "

When editor Lou Aronica pitched the theme of this anthology (as per the title), I immediately thought of someone dead—since death strikes me as the clearest dividing line between people you could conceivably see once more and people you'll definitely never meet again. In this story, a woman has quite a shock at her father's wake.



Some Free Short Fiction
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Published in:

"The Capo of Darkness"

Vengeance Fantastic (DAW, 2002)
This Is My Funniest (reprint; Baen, 2006)
Highway To Heaven (e-book, 2011)

"Homicidal Honeymoon"

Murder Most Romantic (Cumberland House, 2001

"The Purple Rose of Romance"

Nerve Online (1999)




Older Short Fiction

Original Publication

"The Abominable Snowman"      

A Christmas Bestiary
(DAW, 1992)

"The Adventure of the Missing Coffin"

Sherlock Holmes In Orbit (DAW, 1995)


Alternate Tyrants (Tor, 1997)

"Avant Vanguard"

Fantastic Adventures of Robin Hood (NAL, 1991)

"By Any Other Name"

Mystery Date (DAW, 2008)

"Camelot's Greatest Hits"

Fate Fantastic (DAW, 2007)
"The Capo of Darkness"

Vengeance Fantastic (DAW, 2002)
This Is My Funniest (BenBella Books, 2006)


Deals With the Devil (DAW, 1994)

"Creation: The Launch!" Baen's Universe
"Curren's Song"

Dinosaur Fantastic (DAW, 1993)

"Diary of A Galactic Emigré" I, Alien (DAW, 2005)

Murder By Magic (Warner, 2004)
The Dragon Done It (Baen Books, 2008)
The Best Paranormal Crime Stories Ever Told (Skyhorse, 2010)

"Enter the Night"

Orphans of the Night (Walker, 1995)

"Ever Since Eden"

South From Midnight (SFP, 1994)

"Fabian's Wake" TBA (Fiction Studio Books, 2013)
"Fang Fest" Enchantment Place (DAW, 2008)
"First Familiars"

Familiars (DAW, 2002)

"A Fleeting Wisp of Glory"

Alternate Kennedys (Tor, 1992)

"Fluff the Tragic Dragon"

Dragon Fantastic (DAW, 1992)

"The Fortunes of Temperance"

Lamps On the Brow (JCP, 1998)

"Freddy Nearby"

Silicon Dreams (DAW, 2001)

"Full Earth Tonight"         

VB Tech Magazine, 1995

"Greek To Me" Hags, Sirens, and Other Bad Girls (DAW, 2006)
"Grievous Wounds"

Out of Avalon (DAW, 2001)

"Heaven's Only Daughter"

Whatdunnits (DAW, 1992)

"Highway to Heaven"         

Highwaymen, Robbers, and Rogues (DAW, 1997)

"Homicidal Honeymoon"

Murder Most Romantic (Cumberland House, 2001)

"The Hound Lover"

Phantoms of the Night (DAW, 1996)
Obsession: Tales of Irresistible Desire (Prime Books, 2012)

"In Zodiac We Trust"

Zodiac Fantastic (DAW, 1997)

"The Infernal Revenant Service" Better Off Undead (DAW 2008)

"Jesus H. Christ"

Time After Time (DAW, 2005)
"Lady Roxanne LaBelle" The Magic Toy Box (DAW, 2006)
"Licensed To Reclaim"

Women Writing SF As Men (DAW, 2003)

"The Lily Maid of Astolat"

Return To Avalon (DAW, 1996)

"The Magic Keyboard"

The Magic Shop (DAW, 2004)

"Mortal Mix-Up" Human For A Day (DAW, 2011)
"The Muse Afire"

Weird Tales From Shakespeare (DAW, 1994)

"No Place Like Home" When Dreams Come True (Written Dreams, 2013)
"No Room For the Unicorn"

Horse Fantastic (DAW, 1991)

"Peacekeeping Mission" Front Lines (DAW, 2008)
The Mammoth Book of SF Wars (Running Press, 2012)
"The Prodigy"

The Sorcerer's Academy (DAW, 2003)

"Project: Creation" Intelligent Design (DAW, 2009)
"The Purple Rose of Romance"

Nerve Online Magazine, 1999


Warrior Enchantresses (DAW, 1998)

"The Quin Quart" The Trouble With Heroes (DAW, 2009)
"Saint Frankie"

Alternate Outlaws (Tor, 1994)

"She of the Night"

Urban Nightmares (Baen, 1997)

"Something Virtual This Way Comes" Something Wicked This Way Comes (DAW, 2008)

"The Story of My Unlife"

Cast of Characters (Fiction Studio Books, 2012)

"The Spear of Destiny"

Swordplay (DAW, 2009)
"The Spin Wizard"

Pharaoh Fantastic (DAW, 2002)

"Temporal Management" Witch High (DAW, 2008)
"Terrible Monkey"

Return of the Dinosaurs (DAW, 1997)

"Those Rowdy Royals!"

Alien Pregnant By Elvis! (DAW, 1994)

"Under A Sky More Fiercely Blue"

By Any Other Fame (DAW, 1994)

"Upon A Midnight Dreary"

Christmas Ghosts (DAW, 1993)
Spec the Halls (Alliteration Ink, 2011)

"The Vatican Outfit"

Alternate Warriors (Tor, 1993)

"Wall Street Wizards"        

The Shimmering Door (Harper, 1996)


The Shadow of the Wall (Cumberland, 2002)

"We Are Not Amused"

Alternate Presidents (Tor, 1992)

"When the Ego Alters"

Betcha Can't Read Just One (Ace, 1993)

"A Wind From Heaven"

Ancient Enchantresses (DAW, 1995)


Aladdin Chronicles (DAW, 1992)

"Your Name Here" How To Save the World (Fiction River, 2013)