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My second novel, OUT OF THE BLUE, is available in e-format (as a pdf download) from Thornton Publishing @

It's also a Rocket eBook edition from

It's a story of family lost for twenty years and patched back together by incorruptible love.

Its publisher accepted my cover art! Two oil paintings--one inside the other--were digitally manipulated and text added by World Arts, Inc., in my home town of Spencer, Indiana.

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ISBN 0-9671113-5-8
Price: $6.00
336 pages
Publication date: June, 1999
Thornton Publishing

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Roxann Caraway, Thornton Group, 1431 SE Knight St., Portland, OR 97202 (phone: 503-232-8729; Fax: 503-233-8633; e-mail:

Author web sites: ("Spotlight" author directory)

Brief synopsis:
Out of the Blue is a tale of dead or deadbeat dads, dads overly devoted, and one in particular who comes home twenty years too late. The book's moms are unduly dutiful but imperfect. And learning to live in a new reality--one that exposes both deception and devotion in unexpected nuance--is the goal for female protagonist Tess McQueen. But she must find her new reality in the middle of a chaotic and dangerous family reunion.

It's a contemporary suspense novel of family lost and family found, of non-violent resolution and the fine female art of healing.

For immediate media release:
Out of the Blue, an electronic book by Indiana author Laura Lynn Leffers, was released in June as a Rocket eBook edition, downloadable from It is also available as a download from its publisher's site [<>] in portable document format, readable by most computing environments.

Out of the Blue is a contemporary, mainstream novel, set in a rural area of southern Indiana. Its plot revolves around an annual Memorial Day family reunion and the (for some) unwelcome return of a parent who happens to have come home twenty years too late. It's a story of family lost and of family found, of non-violent resolution, and the fine female art of healing.

Laura Lynn Leffers, of Spencer, Indiana, is the author of two other books: Dance on the Water, a novel set in northern Indiana, and a book promotion guide for authors. She has produced a free, Internet-based author support newsletter, Spotlight, since January of 1997; issues are archived onsite at
Thornton Publishing, 336 pages, $6.00, ISBN 0-9671113-5-8

Out of the Blue

By Sandra Fahning for The Gazette
"While violence and sex seem to be key ingredients in many modern mysteries, author Laura Lynn Leffers followed a different path ...(she) gently combines mystery and romance with a cast of memorable characters. ...A worthwhile and enjoyable read."

By Tamara McHatton for Rhapsody Magazine
"A...plot that delves deeply into the relationship of a tight-knit family handling sins from the past. The writer develops the characters deeply and with excellent skill. No motive or action is left unanswered.

"Tess McQueen is a true-to-life heroine faced with real problems, a perfect match for a hero running from commitment until he has nowhere else to run. ...Together they tackle the dilemma of illegitimate birth with compassion, understanding, and reality.

"...Leffers is a skilled writer with a knack for delving into the minds of her characters."

My First Novel:


My first novel, Dance on the Water, was inspired by my native American ancestors and is a contemporary romantic intrigue set at Lake Papakeechie, in northern Indiana. A young woman recreates her life and resolves her present with the help of her native ancestors. It was blessed with wonderful reviews; click here to read them.

1996, ISBN 1-881542-10-6, fiction/native American mysticism

It's available at the SFF bookstore and wherever books are sold:


My Next Novel:

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Magna cum Murder

I went to the Halloween costume party at the 1998 Magna cum Murder conference in Muncie, Indiana, as a bloody blue rose. I made my costume out of layered silk "petals" and "leaves" attached to a linen capelet. I'll add to the falderal for this year's costume party.

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Other idiosyncrasies and personal foibles (a chequered past):

Family is, of course, first. Whether it's pieced together crazily or made from a single uncut fabric, it's the one thing sewn with caring and cherished. My parents had eight children; they raised us with more luck and guts than cash. My brothers and sisters and I grew up blessed and we each achieved a good education. We're spread across the country now and raising families of our own, but I know those eight children, brushing their teeth around a single bathroom sink, peer out of my characters' eyes.

I nearly became a nun. The convent (quite reasonably) looked without favor upon my application. Instead I became a grocery store cashier, a waitress, and a factory lineworker in Northern Indiana and, during my overlong college years, a barmaid at Nick's English Hut, in Bloomington, Indiana. A partial scholarship and loan put me through Indiana University, but I earned my bread and board at Nick's. Experiences, you see, managed to stand in nicely for formal religious training.

Today I grow a short stack of published books next to heaps of unpublished manuscripts. And I grow sage and spaghetti sauce ingredients to feed my three sons.

The convent never missed me.


I graduated from South Side High School, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 1968. National Honor Society status was bestowed upon me, but I was bewildered. I gratefully accepted a small
scholarship and loan two years later, and applied to Indiana University. (I had realized by then that I might not be the ideal factory worker, that daydreamers shouldn't work around equipment capable of doing violence upon their extremities.) Realization was ahead of ability however; Mom and Dad, with me and a car full of kiddies, weren't twenty miles out of Fort Wayne on the road to IU, before my stomach wanted out of the car.

Bullheadedness prevailed; after seven years' worth of classes and the life lessons earned at Nick's English Hut, I got a B.A. degree in Art Education. Skipped town for Florida with my boyfriend, before they ever passed out the diplomas. Years later I returned, paid a three-dollar health center fee, and collected the paperwork.

My "degree" from Nick's was as important to me; no ceremony was involved but I was offered the front booths. The only good tippers sat there.

Florida, Texas, and Italy

The boyfriend--the one I skipped town with--was a boat captain. We headed for Florida and he got a job working out of Miami. I picked up work as a waitress first, then as a grocery store cashier at the Homestead Publix. Over a year later, we headed west to Texas and found a beach house on the Boliver Peninsula. Shortly after that we flew home for a dose of normal: we got married on the IU campus, in tiny Beck Chapel. A year later, our first son was born in Galveston, and we were packing up to move overseas. The boyfriend-turned-husband-and-father would be plying his trade on the Adriatic and Mediterranean, instead of the Gulf waters.

Italy and the Italian people were wonderful to us, and made us welcome for three and a half years. Our baby was only a few months old when we arrived and by the time we came back to the States he spoke Italian well, and in the regional dialect. In Italy, we rented the second floor of a two-story villa (meaning "house"), just five blocks from the Adriatic Sea, in Marina di Ravenna. The culture and history of this part of the world was endlessly fascinating and I couldn't get enough trips in, to Venice. Although the Venetians don't make bread with the taste and texture of the Emìlia-Romagna variety, they make up for it in visual and sensory flavor. Venice enthralled me, and I set my first, still unpublished, novel there.

While overseas, we managed trips now and then to Ireland, England and Scotland, Yugoslavia, and to Sardinia, Sicily, and other regions of Italy. I never cease to be amazed at the earth's wonderful people, its cultural and bountiful natural treasures. Oh, and yes... I did kiss the Blarney Stone.

Public Speaking

Here's where I can plug:

CIPW (Central Indiana Professional Writers) --Best Audience Award. Their web site:

The ILA (Indiana Library Association) and public libraries --The speeches I've given to library personnel and to library patrons were tremendous learning experiences. Libraries gave me a start as an author, my first as well as other booksignings, and continue to provide professional support. Public libraries with vision seem to me to provide a bridge between the industry of bookselling and the art of writing.

Vigo County Public Library (Terre Haute, Indiana) & the Writers' Live program --Being given a chance to be a "Writers' Live" author came at a point in my career when I found out that the listing for my first novel had been lost from Books in Print for its first thirteen months. VCPL salvaged my career capability. I continue to moderate and/or contribute to conference panels, I continue speaking for library functions and, most important, I keep on writing.

Favorite Conference

I attend every year. Magna cum Murder, Muncie, Indiana

Other Interests: Painting

Although I didn't sell many portraits--or even many traditional Santas, painted in oils on cut and mitered hardwood boards--in the years I spent trying to become a portrait artist, no job is a failed job if it enriches your creativity. The elements of portrait painting transfer easily into sketching characters with words, and the years I spent visualizing subjects work for me when I'm rendering a scene in a book.

Success in creative work, I think, is a matter of finding the medium that suits you best.  I've managed to continue doing artwork by tying it into my literary work.  My first book cover was a photographic collage, done for Dance on the Water.  My next novel, Out of the Blue, was rendered digitally from two of my original oil paintings.  

See samples of my artwork, including the artwork for my work-in-progress, Portrait of Bright, at 

Every single person has a talent. Find it. Use it. Be happy.

Thanks for visiting with me.

Laura Lynn Leffers

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