I recently took a trip to Tucson for Christmas. The Christmas tree was beautiful. All those presents!

The presents were fun as always. Jason got a thermometer:

Amy got running pants:

Marty took lots of pictures.

Jason got a lovely blue sweater (we had a blue theme going) and yoga tapes:

Amy watched while her Dad opened his PJs.

Anne played Beatles music for us from her new music book.

Jason got a lovely shirt, but what did Amy say to him?

We exhausted Isabelle, but Mocha wanted more.

Dressed Up

Then we cleaned up and went to church:

Anne and Marty's new house is lovely.

The puppies love it.

They're still working on the backyard, and the urn is a new addition.

While in Tucson, I like to go out to the Monument to visit Dad, so I took advantage of the photo op in my new sweater and T-shirt. Thanks, Jason and Amy and Tricia.

The desert is so beautiful. This is December, folks! Look at that sky!

My Place

When I'm at home, I remember Tucson with this small oil painting above my mantel. The vase and cat are from Anne and Marty.

I have three cats, two of whom cannot resist a tree.

My Cousins and Uncle

I really enjoyed visiting my cousins, especially the Keeshounds!

Notice the doggy protection on the tree.

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Updated January 26, 2002.