This is my Random Ball home page. First of all, you can download the game here.

This game isn't exaclty ground breaking, but it's my first game for mac, which is all this will run on. If anyone has any advice, I would like to hear from anyone who knows more about ftp then I do. No matter what I try, when I go to my web page, it tries to download my game as a text document. If you download this game, please E-mail me and tell me about it, I'm at john4man@teleport.com.
Of coarse there's a link back to my Mom's page here.
If you like gaming and this just isn't good enough, here are some other pages I like: Next-Generation magazine's page which is extreamly slow but high quality.
The MIT Hyperarchive of games which has more shareware then I'll ever use.
Blizzard Software's homepage. Blizzard produces the Warcraft series, which can be fun, depending on your style of gaming. (I will add more later)