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More than a couple of my cyber writer friends will have books coming out in a couple of months. I thought I'd create a page full of tips and helpful hints regarding promotion on the web.

 I'll start off with some practical advice from a Danish friend, Pernille Sylvest.


Pernille's Promo Tips.

1. Subscribe to genre maillists and newsgroups.
2. Make a signature line for email messages that is short, but informal. No more than four lines.
3. Get active in newsgroups. Don't say anything stupid.
4. Do Chats, IRQ or ICQ sessions with other writers, so readers can meet you online. Don't say anything stupid.
5. Make a website (or get a fan involved) and include -
   contests, monthly newsletters, novel excerpts, back lists and future releases.
   What you are working on now.
   Information about yourself.
   Which pet do you like?
   How do you find inspiration?
   When, where and how were you born?
   What obstacles did you overcome to be who you are?
   Who's going to play your hero, if your book goes to the movies?
6. Let someone else ( Authors Den, for instance) do the showcasing by putting up an excerpt and date of release, a little info and how to get in touch with you.
7. The _Literary Times_ includes bookmarks or business cards free of charge. (Romance novels).

Excellent advice, Pernille. I'd also suggest that you submit articles, essays, opinion pieces and other short works to magazines which will list a short bio and mention your published novel.

Publicity Web Sites

More tips. Info central at eclectic web.

Want to be on radio or TV? Register with GuestFinder - an internet based service.

Tips on how to write a good email press release. Your Free Book Promotion Checklist - by Lorna Tedder


The following web sites are listed because they offer promotional opportunites for little, or no cost to the published author.


Useful Websites

SFF Net - a gathering place for SF/F writers. Free web sites to active members of SFWA, HWA, PAN or NINC.
The Internet Speculative Fiction Database - make sure your published short stories are listed here, as well as your novel.
Netsurfer Digest - needs three week lead time, but will publicize your promo events and author web site.
Pure Fiction. If your book is still unpublished, submit your novel to the Electronic Slush Pile. It will be posted on the site and be judged by Bloomsbury Publishing plc. Several success stories here.
Science Fiction Crowsnest - The SF and Fantasy search engine.
Science Fiction Resource Guide - will link to author's web site and also on-line novel excerpts.
SF Site - book reviews, a comprehensive list of author's web sites and more.
SFF World Formerly Anotherland - free promo for fantasy authors.
Tips on book signings from Kim Headlee.
Writer's Herald - free interview and bio published.
Writer's Net - free listing if published in short story as well as novel-length.

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