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Being a collection of unwanted and sometimes unwarrented views and opinions for which The Author is entirely to blame.

The Cruel Balladeer: Pointless Ponderings on a Child Ballad

Attending Your First SCA Event--Things Everyone Should Know

Bibliography of Recommended Costume Books Currently In Print


Being a series of Travel Reports concerning the Author and her Spouse and Certain Unsuspecting Companions who unwisely chose to accompany them.

Linda's Adventures at Pennsic XXVI

Linda and Dan do the Southwest

Linda and Dan Visit the Vikings

Linda and Dan in the Temple of Sam

Linda and Dan Do the Dairy State

Linda and Dan Get Astronomically Confused

Fiction by Linda Reames Fox

Can be found at Twilight Tales

To read a sample of fiction written by Linda Reames Fox with Co-author Joyce Cottrell
go to the Jocelin Foxe Webpage.

How to Contact the Author.

Books and CDs Mentioned by The Author.

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