Books and CDs
Recommended by the Author in the Course of these Writings


Sutton Hoo: Burial Place of Kings?

Martin Carver
A really excellent overview of the Sutton Hoo site and its history by the archaeologist in charge of the most recent excavations.

Between the Breaks....Live!

Stan Rogers
One of my favorite CDs. If you haven't met Stan Rogers and you enjoy lively folk you should give this album, or any of Rogers albums a try. In spite of my obsession with "Witch of the Westmorelands", the best number on the album is "Mary Ellen Carter".

Patterns of Fashion:1560-1620

Janet Arnold
One of the most useful books ever written for the historic costumer. Arnold has taken a number of garments, photographed them in great detail, done a drawing reconstructing them and then patterned them. The gown worn by The Author was patterned from one of the garments in this book.

A Murder in Greenwich

Mark Fuhrman
Yes, that Mark Fuhrman. One of my guilty pleasures is reading true crime book. Fuhrman is no Anne Rule, but it's an interesting book which only occasionally breaks into "I'm Mark Fuhrman and nobody respects me" angst.

Death of a Fool

Ngaio Marsh
Marsh is one of the mistresses of mystery fiction, rating up there with Agatha Christie and Dorothy L. Sayers. This isn't one of her best, but it killed a few hours on a long trip, and is better than a great deal of the mystery fiction I've read that was written more recently.